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Kill a Mockingbird Tactics

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Finch as a teacher and father from chapters 9-1 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird. In Chapter 2, Miss Caroline Fisher tells Scout, “Your father does not know how to teach Through much of these three chapters, however, he shows himself to be an excellent father who takes his responsibility to raise his children very seriously. Write an essay that details the Attic’s excellence and uniqueness at teaching his children. Use direct evidence (quotes) from the novel as evidence. The essay must be at least 400 words long.

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Kill a Mockingbird Tactics
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Be sure to cite all of the passages from the novel, using correct MILA parenthetical citation. A work cited page must be made for the novel. NOTE: Check with your teacher to determine whether there may be other special requirements. In TO Kill a Mockingbird Tactics Finch is an excellent father! He teaches his children from right and wrong. He treats them as adults if they act like adults. Some characters in the story can say that he’s not.

Everyone can have their own opinion and personally think Tactic is a great teacher. He doesn’t just do his part of teaching and making sure they learn what’s right from wrong.

Attics teaches them to know the difference between right and wrong because he loves his children, and because he loves them, he wants them to grow up as smart adults making the right decisions. Tactics are strict but very fair. He doesn’t let them do certain things but he makes up for them later. Most teens don’t want to share things with their parents because they are going to handle them like parents. Tactics weren’t just their father, he was a friend to them also. If they just needed someone to talk to, he was there for them. Although if it came down to something bad that punishment was needed then he would punish.

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