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Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communication

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My dream has always been to own a chain of Child Development Centers. I have always believed that if a child gets a early start at a proper education than they might have a better chance at coping in today’s society. I have made this a part of my dream job, because I feel that I can make a difference in some child’s life I have starting living my dream by being employed at and working in child care for 22 yrs.

Working for Community ERG has given me the idea of one day owning my own.

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Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communication
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Assignment 3 Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communication 3 The CEO of my company is very caring and kind hearted. He is an exceptional leader, he is what would describe as a formal leader. trying to fill is for an Executive Director, who reports to Board of Directors, and reporting to this position are Program Director and Business Managers. Job Summary

The Executive Director will serve as Chief Executive Officer for Lynda’s Babies Inc.

and in partnership with the Board; is responsible for the success of the organization. Together with the Board you will assure that Lynda’s Babies Inc. is relevant to the community it serves, the accomplishment of the organization, mission and vision, and it’s accountability of the company to its diverse constituents. The Board delegates the responsibilities for management and the day-to-day operations for Lynda’s Babies Inc. Executive Director has complete authority to carry out those responsibilities, in accordance with direction and policies set forth by the Board. The Executive Director provides direction that which enabling to the Board as they carry out their duties. Accountabilities

The Executive Director assures the filing of legal and regulatory documents in compliance with childcare laws and regulations. Keeps abreast of new and changing laws and regulations associated with childcare standards. Mission, policy and planning helps the Board determine Lynda’s babies Inc. mission, vision, and goals (short and long term). Monitors and evaluate along with the Board the organizations relevancy to the community it serves, the effectiveness, and its results. Keeps the Board informed of Assignment 2 Creating your Dream Job 4 conditions at the company on all important factors such as: any problems and opportunities that may arise and address them, also bring appropriate situations that can not be handled alone by bringing it to the attention of the Board and facilitates discussions and deliberations. Informing about trends, issues, activities and problems in order to facilitate policy-making. Qualifications

A Masters Degree of Educational Management, is required with a minimum of 1 years experience in a Senior Management position. As the Executive Director, this individual should be committed to results, be a system thinker and team player who is customer focused and goal driven, business savvy, with knowledge of and experience in management and administration. Knowledge in the following area’s as well, human services, finance and personnel, oral and written communications. Some experience in not-for-profit management and comfortable with diversity and respectful of a wide range of faiths, beliefs and experiences. Compensation and Benefits Package

After doing a little research with The US Bureau of Labor Statistics and States Department of Labor, my compensation and benefits package will be a little different from those of my opposing companies. While some companies do not inform their employees of the cost that comes with certain benefits (not just salaries and wages) the additional benefits that are never talked about such as: education, social security and workers comp. The cost mainly comes from your base pay hourly. My firm plans to offer you the employee the opportunity in designing your own benefits package, to ensure Assignment 2 Creating your Dream Job 5 that you are receiving the most for your money. We are a type of company that want you to be secure and happy with the position. Our compensation and benefits package at a glance: {Base pay: $150,00 per year, Holiday bonus, Annual bonus, Performance bonus, Health, Vision and Dental insurance were we pay %100 for the Individual and %99 for the family, we offer short and long term disability, Aflac short term and personal, retirement, social security, 401k where we match what ever you put into it, Time off Benefits(paid vacation and sick leave). We also offer the employees free parking, cell/PC/Technology, and Education/Trainings at no cost to you (special benefits).} As you can see our packages are design to help you as the employee, and at your request we can also make some changes. Performance Appraisal Program

This is a program designed by my company to assess the performance of our management and employees. This will help you in figuring out where your strengths are and where your weakness are in the organization. The performance appraisals are done every six months, you will be assessed on Strategic Alignment, what new strategies you’ve come up with in promoting and advertising our program, Performance, how well you are doing and what you can improve on, also what have your contributions to the job been, how well have you been carrying out our goals and mission, and what results and feedback have you focused on from our communities that we serve. At a legal stand this appraisal is incorporated to also protect you and our programs. I realized after a little research hoe a Performance Appraisal is very important to a Assignment 2 Creating your Dream Job 6 organization weather it is large or small. Reading from chapter 10 in Denisi, A. & Griffin, R. W. (2012.) HR (1st ed.). Mason, OH: South Western. On pages 218/219 the importance of Performance appraisals, they provide a benchmark for assessing the extent to which recruiting and selection processes are adequate, which simply means that without this process companies may select and recruit the wrong individual for a job. Also performance appraisals information can help with the pay systems and bonuses, in various organizations employees often get raises and bonuses on how well they are contributing to and organization, so this is why all organizations should have Permance Appraisal Programs instituted.

Bagley, C. E. & Savage, D. (2010.) Managers and the Legal Environment (custom ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western DeNisi, A. & Griffin, R. W. (2012.) HR (1st ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western. Kelly, M. & McGowen, J. (2010.) Business ( custom ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Shaw, W. H. (2010.) Business Ethics: A Textbook with Cases (custom ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western

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