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Life Lessons Under the Sea 

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    The movie I choice was Finding Nemo it’s a Pixar animation it came in the summer of May 30,2003. It was ranked top ten American film and top ten in the greatest film in animation as of June 2008. As this movie was ranked the top ten how can people not enjoy this movie. With that said this film stars Albert Brooks (Marlin), Ellen DeGeneres (Dory), Alexander Gould (Nemo). In Finding Nemo, this tell a story with many adventurous along with Nemo the clownfish who ends up in a dentist aquarium. So, his dad Marlin is in search of his son, as Marlin and dory head off to find him they end up in an adventure and reunited with Nemo.

    As you watch this movie, you’ll find it remarkable movie to its glorious animation and the flow of the theme and a very welled played cast. However, when you watch this you can see this is a son and father love story. There are several points in the film that will get the message cross. There is one major concerns and that’s about Nemo and his short fin. That short fin worries Marlin. In parents, that’ something they worry about their child. This movie can teach parents that there’s no perfect mother or father to their child, like Marlin and Nemo. As Marlin goes off on his journey to find Nemo that was taken by divers. Marlin meets unforgettable animals but crush the turtle who is completely different from Marlin. Crush is move chill and laid-back parents, so Marlin ask how to do you know when they are ready out on their own? Crush wise response was you never really know when they are ready but when they are, you’ll know. So, parents can relate to what crush is saying that Nemo and his father need to discover the world, so the message getting cross is letting go and getting back. By watching this it can help relieve some stress on parents out there about letting go. Although watching Marlin a funny character with a lot of action and nerve-racking encounter he learns a lot of lesson thought out the movie. Like when he gets Nemo back, he’s gained all that logic from finding him. Other example would like to hold on means letting go. As for this film that has one of the best animations.

    One of the most spectacular elements is the underwater animation I bet that’s was a lot of hard work, but Pixar has done an outstanding job. The animation consists of amazing images that show the ocean in a dark and sunny place. But when you look at the underwater animation how can you not see the beauty in it like Pixar has put so much work and it’s pay off. In addition, the details meticulous. This movie has done a lot of creations of under the the point of color and lighting and movement its truly dreamy. This animation makes people feel like they are under the sea and being with nemo. That’s also why I love this film it gives you a second view for effects. As they picked the picked the cast, they did a great job pairing up dory with Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen has attracted a huge crowed to Finding Nemo. As you can tell Ellen has a great personality and playfulness to this movie. but when it comes to others cast, they are still memorable. Pixar has made this movie every detail by every minute from the characters to also the colors. Now when Nemo gets out of the dentist, he comes up to these lobsters that speak in a New England accents and then the seagulls have a mindless yapping sound.

    These voices have a full effect on the characters and the movie making it very comical. Finally Finding Nemo is one of the unforgettable themes, blowing the mind with the animation and of the comical parts that make everyone laugh. I love how the theme flows to the parents and becoming parents. Furthermore, the outstanding animations can make the viewers feel reverie. Finally, the cast stunning success of this film is mind blowing and it teaches the viewers lessons. Finding Nemo has become a very successful movie to Pixar films.

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