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Even though the report finished on time, it does not mean that I did not face any problem in doing this research - Limitations Example for Internship Report introduction. Every student may have different report since we work in different places. The most difficult problem that I found during doing this research was difficult to get information from managers while doing questionnaire. It may because the employee there is really busy with customer on the calls and other activities such as controlling their subordinates or junior.

Most of them would not have any will if I ask them during the working hours. There are just a few managers who want to fill the questionnaire during lunch time, break time, even when the working hours passed they’re hard to reach. It’s also hard to get deep information from them; I need to promise to not leak the important information to anyone. That is why I cannot put the real data number on the graph or chart. Because that was my company privacy like basic price, number of stocks per month, or how much the operation cost.


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Other problem that I felt was the time to do this research was so limited, I believed that I could get more information and recommendation for Yes! Star Trading (Shanghai) Co. , Ltd. if I have more time. Another big problem is the Chinese languages (mandarin) since all employees are Chinese, so I need to communicate with them using my not-fluent-and-good mandarin. I am very blessed because my supervisor can talk in English even though not so fluent.

In addition, since the problem that I talk is private problem which protected by the company, so I cannot get too much information from public information as internet or company websites. So, I really have to do so much effort to get as much as information from managers. However, with my intensity, I can finish the entire project with satisfy. All of the problem can solved even though have to do extra effort to solve it. Yuwono, Felix. 2011. Limitations for internship report. shanghai

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