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Internship Report on Front Office Sample



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    It is mandatory internship study which was assigned to me. for this I have to make internship and I did in Hotel Crown Plaza for six 06 hebdomads. and I am doing this reporton the experience gained with that internship. This was my first on the job experience outside before this. I have worked with my male parent. overall it was an first-class experience sing to larning and face to confront conversation.

    Hotel crown place is the 4rth star hotel in the bosom of Islamabad which is bluish country. it’s aluxurious hotel and handles all type of maps like concern meeting. Weddingfunctions. And other societal maps. Hotel Crown Plaza concern largely revolve around the concern employees andexecutives. They have their crown nine cards which is made to give price reduction to businessclass invitees. so there is a out-of-door catering installations. conference suites. andrestaurants. My occupation was their was an internee is gross revenues & A ; selling section. which is makingreservation and listening phone calls. But I have learned much more in demoing myintention towards larning the map of other sections. likes finance section and front office by standing on the response. In the studies I have written all my experiences good and challenges really liberally. overall it was an exciting experience and I have learned a batch from this internship. And I am looking forward to utilize this experience in my hereafter occupations.



    The History of Hotels in universe:

    Evidence of hotels and the cordial reception industry have been recorded as far back as scriptural times when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem during the nose count. As the Bible depicts. Mary and Joseph were refused adjustments because there “was no room at the hostel. ” Since the beginning of clip. people have traveled for commercialism. faith. household. wellness. in-migration. instruction and diversion. As cited by Texas Tech University. the word “hospitality” comes from the Latin root intending “host” or “hospice. ” The university farther noted that the first hotels were nil more than private places opened to the populace. Most. unluckily. had hapless reputes. Under the influence of the Roman Empire. hostel and hotels began providing to the pleasance traveller in an attempt to promote visitants. The first hostel located in America was recorded in the twelvemonth 1607 and take the manner with many other number ones in the cordial reception industry. The first publically held hotel ( the City Hotel ) opened in New York in 1792. The first modern hotel ( the Tremont ) opened in Boston in 1809 and the first concern hotel ( the Buffalo Statler ) opened in 1908. From there a rush of hotels flooded American and the remainder of the universe with outstanding names such as Radisson. Marriot and Hilton.Price. Service. Comfortss

    Hotels ( every bit good as other signifiers of adjustments ) are by and large segmented by the services and comfortss offered. These two factors. along with location. besides have a bearing on the monetary value scope. • Budget hotels offer clean albeit simple suites that provide the rudimentss of topographic points to kip and lavish. Usually budget hotels are designed for travellers looking to maximise their financess and minimize disbursals. Monetary values can run from $ 20US per dark to $ 70US per dark. • Business hotels offer a high criterion by supplying suites equipped with what concern travellers would see necessities. Normally found in business-class hotel suites are high velocity Internet connexions. dismay redstem storksbills. comfy beds. chainss and ironing boards. java shapers. complimentary newspaper bringing and hairdryers. Ratess can run from $ 80US per dark to $ 250US per dark. • The installation of a concern hotel would besides offer an in-house eating house. saloon. exercising room and shuttle service to nearby airdromes.

    Limit concierge aid is frequently included every bit good as room service. laundry and dry cleansing and wake-up calls. • Luxury hotels are known for their munificent decor and extraordinary service. With superior comfortss. adjustments at luxury hotels are designed to thoroughly pamper and impress invitees. Harmonizing to a Business Week Online article. those in the luxury market are acquiring harder to delight saying that luxury goods and service suppliers can’t afford to drop the ball with the degree of service and client experience they provide. For this ground. many luxury hotels go far beyond the norm by supplying a lifestyle experience equal to or better than what invitees have become accustomed to at place. • Luxury hotels often offer full-service twenty-four hours watering place. five-star eating houses staffed by world-class chefs. dance halls. munificent pools. golf bundles and invitee services that are unsurpassed by any other category of hotel.

    In add-on. luxury suites by and large include those comfortss found in concern category hotels plus in-room safes. goose down sympathizers and pillows. marble showers and baths. larger suites. separate posing or living country and fog-free bathroom mirrors. Ratess can run from $ 129US per dark to $ 2. 000US per dark.

    Ratess vary greatly depending on location and propinquity to popular events and attractive forces. There are other categorizations of hotels. nevertheless. most will fall into one of these three or a combination of these three. With the lines between concern and personal going more bleary. many enterprisers and concern executives will go to conferences or embark on concern trips with household in tow. Hotels are cognizant of this common happening and have become expert at supplying installations and services both concern and recreational travellers enjoy.


    History OF DHAKA:

    Dhaka – The Capital of Bangladesh

    Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Located on the Bankss of the River Buriganga. the metropolis has a population of about 7 million. doing it one of the largest metropoliss in the part. It has a colorful history and known as the ‘City of Mosques. ’ Modern Dhaka is the centre of political. cultural and economic life in Bangladesh. The being of urbanised colonies in the country that is now Dhaka day of the months from the seventh century. The metropolis country was ruled by the Buddhist land of Kamarupa and the Pala Empire before go throughing to the control of the Hindu Sena dynasty in the ninth century. After the Sena dynasty. Dhaka was in turn ruled by the Turkish and Afghan governors falling from the Delhi Sultanate before the reaching of the Mughals in 1608. Under Mughal regulation in the seventeenth century. the metropolis was besides known as Jahangir Nagar. and was both a provincial capital and a Centre of the worldwide muslin trade. The development of modern metropolis was started under British regulation in the nineteenth century. and shortly became the second-largest metropolis in Bengal after Calcutta ( soon Kolkata ) .

    After the divider of India in 1947. Dhaka became the administrative capital of East Pakistan. and subsequently. in 1972. the capital of an independent Bangladesh. The development of townships and a important growing in population came as the metropolis was proclaimed the capital of Bengal under Mughal regulation in 1608. The chief enlargement of the metropolis took topographic point under Mughal general Shaista Khan. The metropolis so measured 19 by 13 kilometers ( 12 by 8 myocardial infarction ) . with a population of about a million people. The metropolis passed to the control of the British East India Company in 1765 after the Battle of Plassey. Civic disposal

    The Dhaka municipality was founded on August 1. 1864 and upgraded to “corporation” position in 1978. The Dhaka City Corporation is a autonomous corporation which runs the personal businesss of the metropolis. The city manager of the metropolis is elected by popular ballot every five old ages. The metropolis has a medium-sized in-between category population. driving the market for modern consumer and luxury goods. The metropolis has historically attracted big figure of migratory workers. Peddlers. pedlars. little stores. rickshaws conveyance. roadside sellers and stables employ a big section of the population. Urban developments have sparked a widespread building roar. doing new high-rise edifices and skyscrapers to alter the metropolis landscape. Growth has been particularly strong in the finance. banking. fabrication. telecommunications and services sectors. while hotels and eating houses continue as of import elements of the Dhaka economic system.

    The population of Dhaka metropolis ( countries under the legal power of the Dhaka metropolis corporation ) stands at about 6. 7 million. The metropolis. in combination with vicinities organizing the wider metropolitan country. is place to an estimated 12. 3 million as of 2007. The population is turning by an estimated 4. 2 per cent per annum. one of the highest rates amongst Asiatic metropoliss. The go oning growing reflects ongoing migration from rural countries to the Dhaka urban part. which accounted for 60 per cent of the city’s growing in the sixtiess and 1970s. More late. the city’s population has besides grown with the enlargement of metropolis boundaries. a procedure that added more than a million people to the metropolis in the 1980s. Most occupants of Dhaka speak Bengali. the national linguistic communication. English is besides spoken by a big section of the population. particularly for concern intents. Islam is the prevailing faith of Dhaka’s people. with a bulk belonging to the Sunni religious order. Hindooism is the second-largest faith and smaller communities pattern Buddhism and Christianity. HOTEL IN DHAKA CITY:

    In the past decennaries Dhaka has made important betterment in regard of choice hotel and nice tourer type budget adjustment. In add-on to a figure of three to five star hotels. Dhaka metropolis has now over 400 air-conditioned suites in little hotels located at different parts. Most of these are equipped with moderately good installations like dining. overseas telegram Television. IDD telephone. facsimile etc. In add-on to these hotels. there are about 60 Guest Houses with norm of eight to 10 suites. are runing chiefly from Gulshan. Banani. Baridhara and Dhanmondi. About 10 of these guest houses have eating house installations and other provide this services depending on neighboring eating houses or as ordered by the invitees. Guesthouses are besides equipped with overseas telegram Television. IDD telephone. Fax. e-mail etc.


    | [ movie ] | | | |The Hotel Swiss Garden is four star class hotel of international criterion | | |with concern travellers and leisure searchers in head alike to reign supreme | | |both in edification and quality services. Set amidst the verdure of | | |diplomatic enclave of Banani. really near to foreign Missions. 10 proceedingss | | |drive from the international airdrome and adjacent to commercial centre of | | |Kemal Ataturk Avenue. | | |The Hotel Swiss Garden has convenient and free entree to other shopping and | | |commercial countries of Dhaka. Major exhibition and convention locales of Dhaka. | | |Prime Minister’s Secretariat. authorities ministries and Bangladesh Parliament| | |are besides located nearby distance. | | | | | |Guests will happen air conditioning. day-to-day newspaper. desk. hair drier. | | |internet entree ( radio ) waiting in each room. Guests will bask the | | |hotel’s excellent installations and services including laundry service/dry | | |cleaning. meeting installations. safety sedimentation boxes. concern centre.

    The | | |hotel provides superior recreational and leisure installations including indoor | | |pool. gym. convenient location. a dedicated staff and first-rate installations | | |make this hotel a favourite among travellers. | |About this hotel: | | | | | | | | | | | |Accommodation | |Rooms | | | | | | | | | |Our 40 invitee suites. tastily furnished with modern architectural design Hotel Swiss Garden are one of the best hotels in the city| |of Dhaka. We offer Standard Rooms. Deluxe Rooms. Super Deluxe suites. Suite suites. Swiss Garden Suites and Family Suites. Our Bed is| |American manner that length is 84’’ ( 213cm ) long. | | [ movie ] | | [ movie ] | | | | | | | | | | | |Room Category | | | |Standard | | | |Deluxe | | | |Super Deluxe | | | |Junior Suite | | | |Swiss Garden Suite | | | | | | | | | | | |Restaurant & A ; Lobby | | | | | | | | | |“Zermatt” eating house of Hotel Swiss Garden is large and modern furnished. As a consequence it can function a big figure of invitees at the | |same clip.

    It is the symbol of quality and gustatory sensation. We are offering traditional Bangladeshi nutrient. Mogul Indian. Chinese & A ; Thai | |special besides Continental and international nutrient options in an elegant ambiance. | | | |The room services are available 24 hours and 07 yearss. | | | | | | [ movie ] | | | | | | | | | |Business Center | | | | [ movie ] | | | |The hotel’s Business Center provides a confidential office with full secretarial support. Our concern centre equipped with facsimile. | |Photo duplicator. scanner. Data port broadband & A ; WiFi Internet. | | | |Fitness Center | | | | [ movie ] | | | |A broad scope of gym equipments are available in our Fitness Center ( Health Club ) . | | | |Indoor Swimming Pool | | | | [ movie ] | | | | | | | | | ||

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