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Louis Vuitton In Japan: The Magic Touch Sample

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Excellence in concern and selling executing. heritage. and world-wide trade name acknowledgment coupled with voguish yet timelessness quality merchandises with sole aura perpetually inciting the Japanese’s familial demand for luxury has allowed Louis Vuitton ( LV ) to go the prima luxury house in Japan and do it its primary beginning of grosss for more than four decennaries. This was every bit fueled by high degree of disposable incomes every bit good as Nipponese societal and cultural conforming norms. However. the recent drawn-out planetary recession has finally resulted in some alterations of untypical Nipponese purchasing behaviors that finally will hold negative effects on luxury goods market as a whole.

To protect its market portion and grosss dilution in Japan. LV needs to place those market sections with un-capitalized gross chances or prone to lose consumers and so develop and implement distribution. merchandise and/or advertisement enterprises that would give optimisation.

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Louis Vuitton In Japan: The Magic Touch Sample
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Situation ANALYSIS

Company History and Background

Company Mission Statement and VisionThe mission statement of all LVMH trade names is: “To represent around the universe the most refined qualities of Western `Art de Vivre’ and must go on to be synonymous with both elegance and creativity” through merchandises incarnating “cultural values.

intermix tradition and invention. and kindle dream and phantasy. ” [ 1 ]

Company SchemeThe executing of LV’s concern scheme Centre around five precedences reflecting the shared LMVH’s trade names cardinal values which are: ( I ) be originative and advanced ; ( two ) purpose for merchandise excellence ; ( three ) long pillow the image of our trade names with passionate finding ; ( four ) act as enterprisers ; and ( V ) strive to be the best in all they do. [ 1 ] . INTERNAL ANALYSIS

Despite its 150 old ages of heritage in the luxury market the LV trade name continue to be really successful chiefly due to the extraordinary. unique. consistent and holistic executing of its concern scheme. Product – LV’s success is straight related to the quality and design of its merchandises and in this regard LV is continuously puting fabricating engineerings that improves both quality and productiveness. Quality control is one of the cardinal stairss in the production procedure and employs a sequence of rigorous trial before merchandises are released to the market. Product and design invention is achieved through coaction with celebrated interior decorators such as Marc Jacobs. Takashi Murakami merely to call a few who revive the merchandise lines with aggregations with voguish or market cultural specific elements. Equally of import. LV is taking forging step to forestall reproduction of their merchandises as the trade names image can be compromised. Pricing – LV`s pricing is really high and reflects the quality. workmanship. clannishness and values of the merchandises.

LV is really restrictive with its pricing policies and as a consequence the LV merchandises are ne’er on sale or marked down. Particularly for Japan. the monetary values are in general 25 % higher compared to those in Paris and it seems that is was the right scheme as the Nipponese consumers buying behaviors are driven by other values compared to those in other markets. Placement – LV has chosen to a limited distribution channels that allow sole control over pricing and merchandise handiness in add-on to protecting its trade name image. As a consequence. the chief channels used by LV are ain free-standing shops or dress shop format in promenades or airdromes and a really limited Numberss of partnerships with section shops such as Macy’s New York. Bloomingdales. Saks Fifth Avenue. In Japan. LV was the first luxury house functioning the market entirely through its ain supply concatenation that allows full control over its operations.

This attack was another cardinal success factors in Japan in add-on to merchandise quality. Promotion – LV is utilizing a combination of marketing communicating channels such as advertisement in celebrated manner magazines ( Vogue. Elle etc. ) . merchandise arrangement ( e. g. Charade. Blue Jasmine etc. ) . hoardings. famous person indorsement. and sponsorship to advert few. LV`s has successfully implemented a planetary communicating and advertisement scheme that conveys a consistent trade name image of epicurean. sole to elite or high-class through usage of famous persons such as Madonna. Agassi. Jennifer Lopes. Mihail Gorbachev. Catherine Denueve. Cate Blanchett etc. To account for cultural differences and mark immature adult females section. LV had successfully launched a few alive commercials in coaction with celebrated local interior decorator Murakami ( e. g. Superflat Monogram. Superflat First Love etc. )

StrengthsStrong worldwide trade name acknowledgment. prestigiousness. equity. image and consciousness with more than 150 old ages heritage in the luxury goods market section Exceptional workmanship and high quality criterions which is its figure one precedence The cardinal arm of LVMH. the world’s largest luxury trade name enabling association with other successful luxury trade names such as Dior. Fendi. Celine. and Marc Jacobs etc. Proprietary logo and patented canvas ( e. g. Monogram Canvas ) reinforcing and protecting trade name individuality used on all merchandise Value-added services to clients such lifetime fix warrant. in shop outstanding buying experience. and merchandise customization ( e. g. Mon Monogram ) Pricing schemes reenforcing trade name image of luxury and merchandise quality Brand popularity crossing across all coevals due to outstanding design harmoniously uniting trendiness/timeliness/traditionalism ( e. g. about 75 % of Nipponese adult females own at least one LV point )

Long term coaction with successful interior decorators such as Marc Jacobs and other interior decorators to account for cultural and coevals differences Excellent executing of its concern scheme that translates into highest runing border. gross revenues growing and market portion in the luxury market section in Japan Overarching effectual and efficient direction patterns and policies in people direction. merchandise quality and invention. design. fabrication and distribution Effective selling and advertisement planetary and regional runs having international famous persons

FailingsHeavy reliant on Nipponese market with approximately 30 % of LV`s worldwide gross revenues Slim advertisement budget which is ? of industry normsFabrication is still labour intensive that leads to quite low productiveness Overuse of “limited edition” tactic which may thin the intended message and consequences Limited distribution channels ; Internet retailing available merely in the US Limited Japanese store footmark other than in big metropoliss

In drumhead. LV’s strengths and sustainable competitory advantages has allowed the trade name to derive and keep a strong repute in the luxury goods industry for more than 150 old ages. However. heavy trust on the urban Nipponese market. limited distribution channels. unequal advertisement budgets and marketing communicating agencies are countries that require company’s attending.



Untapped chances in little and mid-size metropoliss with ample population Untapped chances in the childs and adolescents luxury goods market It is still the most coveted trade name in JapanInvest more in advertisement. merchandise invention and designExpand merchandise portfolio with more low-cost pocketbook limited aggregations with Nipponese design influence Leverage e-commerce as a distribution channelLeverage Internet. societal media. and nomadic selling in the communicating mix


Changes in consumers penchants. gustatory sensations. attitudes and precedences for practical grounds Foreign exchange hazard with impact on pricing and net incomesStiff competition from luxury houses every bit good as emerging “fast-fashion” trade names Increasing tendency in leasing bagsBrand image dilution due to increase in forging ; declining economic conditions might do Nipponese more tolerant in purchasing bogus LV points Pressure from organisations militating for animate being rights

Key employees ( e. g. interior decorators. senior leaders ) go forthing the companyPolitical ElementssThe luxury import goods in Japan are capable to protectionists duties in Government’s attempt to make for domestic makers a favourable pricing environment to vie in. Gross saless revenue enhancements besides impact the concluding monetary value. hence upward alterations of the gross revenues revenue enhancements may impact gross revenues. With the addition world-wide force per unit area from carnal rights groups on authoritiess. new statute law may be enacted in this regard. If so. the animate being teguments willbecome scarce and prohibitory therefore impacting pricing. Economic Elementss

Harmonizing to Yano Research Institute [ 2 ] . in 2008 the luxury import trade name market size was estimated at 894. 6 billion hankerings of which 45. 1 % was represented by bags and leather points ( Appendix A ) . From planetary position. the Nipponese luxury import trade name market represented between $ 15 billion to $ 20 billion and was considered the 2nd largest in the universe if planetary tourers were excluded. otherwise the first largest [ 3 ] . This indicates high trust on Nipponese market including LV. The same research indicates that the overall luxury market declined by 10. 8 % 2008 and 15. 9 % 2009 which brought down the market to ? of the market size in 1996. In add-on. the moderate additions in gross revenues between 2000 and 2007 were chiefly driven through higher monetary values instead than volume growing. Decline in disposable income was considered one of the chief drivers of this diminution. Changes in economic conditions may impact pricing and net incomes due to currency exchange fluctuations therefore LV should see fudging in order mitigate the associated hazards. Social-Cultural Elementss

In Japan the “must have luxury” attitude is driven by a few cultural and societal elements. First. Nipponese adult females are more beauty witting and use luxury points to stress the natural expression. The Japanese are besides willing to pay a premium for merchandises manufactured in Europe that for them is the ultimate definition of quality. Not to advert that Japan is group-oriented civilization and goings from the norms will make unwanted distinction so the luxury goods were their “badge for societal acceptance” . These factors enabled the luxury goods to suit the life style of the middle-class compared to other states where luxury goods are more sole to upper-classes. hence making a comfortable environment for luxury houses.

However. nowadays the Japanese are more matter-of-fact when make up one’s minding whether to pass on luxury tangibles or on “luxury experiences” as they prefer to salvage more for the hereafter ( Appendix B ) . Younger coevalss. particularly adult females. are more inclined towards a more individualistic manner attack as it enables distinction from the “group” through a mix and lucifer of less expensive branded points [ 3 ] . There are besides many “baby boomers” that are retiring so they will pass less or nil on luxury points. Last but non least. the offering of low-cost high quality non needfully luxury points is dining.

Technological Elementss

There is an increasing tendency towards online shops due to convenience on the consumer side every bit good as cost effectivity and market incursion on the retail merchant side. In add-on. proliferation of nomadic communicating agencies ( smartphones and tablets ) every bit good as societal media platforms have created other effectual communicating channels that are extremely used presents.

Manufacturing invention every bit good as encompassing engineerings from other industries is besides of import elements in driving production efficiencies and effectivity.

LV must be sensitive to both facets and due diligence to accommodate its schemes to technological tendencies.


The success of LV trade name has finally have resulted in improper reproduction every bit good as unauthorized associations or used of LV logo. As a consequence. in order to protect both the trade name image and shareholders’ value against dilution. LV is plaintiff in many forgery every bit good as infringement cases every twelvemonth that finally is a dearly-won attempt.

Competitive Analysis

The Nipponese consumers thirst and want for luxury and high quality goods have attracted many others luxury houses such as Gucci. Prada. Hermes. Coach. or Chanel merely to advert few. All LV`s direct rivals are good established luxury houses. Their history spans from 50-70 old ages ( Gucci and Coach ) to more than a century ( Prada. Chanel and Hermes ) . Japan represents a cardinal market for all of them as their gross revenues histories for more than 20 % of their worldwide grosss.

As shown in Appendix C. LV surpassed all its rivals in Japan in footings of market portion ( 28 % ) and runing border ( 45 % ) . In regard to pricing. LV is somewhat more low-cost compared to Hermes. comparable with Gucci. and costly relation to Prada and Coach. However. merchandise wise LV’s offerings spans over a fewer verticals compared to the other rivals that have a more balanced focal point between verticals. From publicizing perspective LV “sexy and sleek” image is placed between Gucci’s “sexual innuendos” and Hermes’ conservativeness and classiness. In this regard. Prada and Coach have a more moderate attack yet modern. Based on this analysis. at this clip Gucci is the closest rival but Coach should be “watched” carefully as it may go really attractive for adult females in their 20s and 30s. .

However. with due to recession and alterations in consumer attitudes. in the close future competitory force per unit area from trade names such as Zara. H & A ; M or Gap may increase as they are offering trendy and high quality merchandises at lower monetary value points.

Market Analysis and Segmentation

The Nipponese luxury market is mature and concentrated. Harmonizing to JETRO. 41 % of the world’s luxury goods ingestion is driven by Japan. Japan`s population is about 128 million in 2008 but is in a decreasing tendency. About 80 % of entire population lives in urban countries. Out of entire population. demographics of 65+ old represent 20 % ; this per centum will increase in close hereafter as more “baby boomers” are retiring. Presently the 57 LV shops are located in 29 out of 110 metropoliss in Japan consisting a population of about 36 million people ( Appendix D ) . This means that approximately 74 % of metropoliss or 65 % of urban population does non hold direct entree to an LV shop which may stand for an chance LV may capitalise on.

In Japan. LV is still considered a mandatory trade name as Nipponese can non acquire plenty of it and maintain purchasing it. Saison Research Institute indicates that “94. 3 per centum of Tokyo adult females in their 20s ain something made by Louis Vuitton” and 75 % of the Nipponese adult females ain something from LV. This surely explains why Japan has the highest per capita disbursement on luxury goods. Nipponese sociologist Masahiro Yamada estimates that adult females in their 20s and 30s and represents about 10million history for the most portion of LV’s gross revenues in Japan. However. harmonizing to Davide Sesia of Prada. “the increased attitude of Nipponese adult females in their 20s and 30s understanding them much better than in the past” increases the hazard of “loosing” them to non-luxury trade names. .

Sample Segmentation Table for Louis Vuitton in Japan:

Amid all challenges. the Nipponese luxury market will go on to be important and moneymaking. LV has the advantage of being the most popular trade name and has a strong loyal client base. However. as competition become stiffer. LV needs to place market chances and tactics to increase its opportunities to procure its current market place. These tactics must be section or sub-segment particular. The external analysis indicates that LV should concentrate “Trendy Teens” . “Undecided Fashionista” and “Count on Me” ( small/medium metropoliss ) sections are there are still untapped gross chances.


Flexibility to accommodate trade name placement. merchandise offerings. communicating and distribution schemes to market conditions and chances Distribution and communicating channels with important coverage Ability to pull new clients and construct a strong loyal client base among bing clients Product distinction through high quality and typical design


Consumer and rivals reaction to LV’s selling enterprises Future consumer penchants. tendencies and buying behaviors Future province of economic system and degree of disposable incomeHow future currency exchange and gross revenues revenue enhancements will impact pricing

OptionDecision standards: strengthen market portion. improved trade name image and awareness trough effectual and effectual advertisement channels. expand loyalclient base 1. Leverage Internet retailing to let convenient and effectual merchandise handiness to clients in metropoliss without LV shops

Professionals:Increased gross revenues. merchandise distribution and market incursion Cost effectual retail channel with low operating expense costE-commerce is in high demandMay prevent clients buying bogus LV points over the Internet Some direct rivals already use this distribution channel

Cons:Does non supply the same shopping experience/treatments like in shops Incremental cost related to the development and care of the retail e-platform May add costs if return points are damaged

May present privateness and security hazards

2. Complement current communicating mix with emerging channels such as nomadic selling and mark “Trendy Teens” and “Undecided Fashionista” sections.

Professionals:Allows for cost-efficient extremely customizable selling communicating at the coveted degree ( mark section. shopping location. user’s age/gender etc. ) Enable mass communicating yet stop user feels that receives exclusive/individual intervention Communication channels in really high demand particularly in developed states such as Japan Highly effectual in increasing client engagement and interaction and straight act upon consumer action Campaigns’ effectivity easy to be measured

Cons:Can present privateness menacesDifficult to develop apps and communicating messages that work on multi-platforms Highly incorporate solution necessitating multi-business synergisms ( nomadic operators. including media companies. advertizers etc )

3. Complement the current planetary communication mix with merchandise arrangement in Television films and shows with the most audience in the “Trendy Teens” and “Undecided Fashionista” sections in Japan

Professionals:Will drive gross revenues up as immature consumers and adult females emulateGreat reach-out of clients in all market sections

Cons:Might be hard to happen the appropriate movie/show that is align with corporate communicating aims and/or aim client section Might be highly expensiveCampaign effectivity hard to mensurate

4. Stimulate the trade name with a monetary value low-cost merchandise line yet quality staying the same and aim all market sections

Professionals:Can make trueness among clients that are monetary value sensitive and ready to exchange to other trade names Potential to pull new clientsIncreased gross revenues

Cons:Inconsistent with LV’s premium pricing placementLower pricing may signal lower quality that will thin the trade name image and positioning Still may non be plenty to retain clients

RecommendationIt is recommended that LV pursues Alternative # 1 and Alternative # 2. It has been identify about 65 % of urban Nipponese population do non hold entree to an LV shop in their metropoliss. Consequently. it can be assumed that LV is losing gross chance due to miss of LV shop incursion and this is impacting consumers in all the identified market sections. Establishing an online shop has the advantage of increasing the retail presence efficaciously everyplace across the state while retaining the full control over distribution. In add-on. the e-commerce was good adopted among consumers and is in a turning tendency. The downside from the deficiency of in shop shopping experience can be compensated with good designed user interface coupled with an synergistic client support helping the purchasers in their shopping procedure. Alternate # 3. usage of nomadic selling. is besides recommended in driving trade name trueness among bing clients from “Trendy Teens” and “Undecided Fashionista” which is estimated at 35 % of the market.

There are a few facets that recommend this option. First. 97 % of nomadic endorsers in Japan are utilizing 3G services. Second. adult females in general are extremely addicted to smartphones as they enable for emotional pleasance and is another shopping mean. So with the right messaging costumed design for these two sections that are still non committed to a trade name. LV can make a “personal” relationship and experience that Nipponese consumers by and large enjoy. In add-on. the shopping apps will let connexion to the online shop therefore doing shopping more convenient.

Furthermore. if this platform is adopted allows for flexible customization if the focal point on client section alterations. The other options are non recommended for the undermentioned principle. Product arrangement has the potency of increasing the trade name consciousness. However. it may non be effectual in driving trade name desire. trueness and finally market portion. On the other manus. making a merchandise line at lower monetary values comes with a immense hazard of trade name image dilution attached with. LV is a luxury trade name that. without any haughtiness. caters to those who can afford it and that market section is non monetary value sensitive or influenced by recessions. ACTION Plan

Short term:

Long term:

CONTINGENCY PlanIf senior direction does non O.K. these two schemes together. the company should prosecute with nomadic marketing entirely. The consumers in these two markets are still trade name undecided hence puting today here will construct the hereafter loyal client base.

AppendixsAppendix A

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Appendix BConsumer Purchasing Behaviours Towards Luxury Items

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. mckinsey. com/insights/consumer_and_retail/japans_luxury_shoppers_move_on

Beginning: Unknown

Appendix CCompetitive Analysis and Financial Results Metrics by Brand

Appendix DNumber of Louis Vuitton shops in Japan by City

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. mystore411. com/store/listing/187/Japan/Louis-Vuitton- ( LV ) -store-locations ; hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_Japanese_cities_by_population

MentionsHelsen. Kotabe. Global Marketing Management. 5th edition1 hypertext transfer protocol: //www. lvmh. com/the-group/lvmh-group/group-mission-and-values 2 hypertext transfer protocol: //www. yanoresearch. com/press/press. php/0006093

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