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MA Earth cosmetics

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1. What ethical issues is Heather facing in this situation? What possible marketing claims about the company’s relationship with the Amazonian tribe would cross a line into unethical territory? What claims could it make ethically? 2. How could Ma Earth create an ethical climate that would help managers such as Heather ensure that they are behaving ethically? 3. How effectively do you think Ma Earth is practicing corporate social responsibility in this situation? Explain the reasoning behind your evaluation.

1. Heather, as a marketing manager loves the company and likes the product of the company.

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MA Earth cosmetics
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This is the reason, she was very eager to work with the company. But while designing one marketing campaigning of its one product Ore Essentials, she came to know that the story behind growing the product is quite different. In actually Ma Earth Skin care is using a different strategy for gaining the product image in the market.

In this condition, she realized that company is using a wrong way to market its product.

The company is paying to Tribes neither for growing the product there nor purchasing from there. But the company wants to convey the message to its customers that the product is very precious and it is developing and growing in Tribes area and very difficult to grow and get it from there. Simultaneously, the company is full filling its social responsibility by taking care of Tribes people. So this was the ethical issue for Heather. She was not ready to accept the wrong way to gain the image of the product Ore Essentials.

In this case, if Heather will show the marketing campaign of Amazonian Tribes and how the company is getting the essential ingredient of Ore Essentials from there but in actually, it is not from there will cross the unethical territory. But if Heather will show the exact situation of the company and exact source of getting the special ingredient of getting of Ore Essentials and how the company is taking care of Tribes can make its marketing campaign ethically.

2. In this case, Ma Earth creates the transparency between the company policies and process with its employees. When Heather went to division vice president to enquire about her doubts about the ethical and unethical issues, he cleared the things without pretending anything. In fact, he assured Heather that they would like to

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