Maintain an Environment to Empower People with Disabilities

  1. Detail five  ways that you can support and encourage the independence and self determination of a person with a disability.  Assist people to maintain their dignity by maintaining existing valued social roles and by finding ways for them to gain more valued roles.  Respect the individual’s right to self-esteem and self-determination. It’s not just the right of able-bodied people, say something positive; catch them doing something positive. Assist people in developing new skills and competencies by providing emotional and practical support. Ensure they actively participate in the important decisions affecting their lives by first providing them with information and possible choices.  Recognise and respect a person’s individual, cultural and religious differences. This is particularly important as a person who has a disability and has religious or cultural differences is often doubly disadvantaged.
  2. How can we encourage colleagues to promote the independence of people? Workers attitudes and awareness of some of the restrictions that are faced by people with a disability on a daily basis.
  3. List 2 support strategies you would use to promote a person’s independence, taking differences into account.  Be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. It is important not too rigid and if necessary to adapt to changes in circumstances in the interests of allowing people with disabilities to exercise their rights and independence. Look for opportunities to provide new experiences. Clients should be encouraged with a diverse range of experiences to develop skills that will help them gain independence and exercise their rights.
  4. In your own words explain the importance of advocacy in a Worker/person with a disability relationship. * Because workers have an important role to play in promoting and facilitating the rights and interests of the people with disability. Workers have to realise and develop their capacity for self determination to the maximum possible extent, by encouraging confidence and provide opportunities for decision making, self expression and self advocacy.
  5. How could you support a person to make more choices/decisions within their current environment? * By giving them more information and the experience of the range of choices and options that are available to them. Do not pressure the person being supported about what is their decision and give them time to think and decide.
  6. Explain how the Federal Disability Services Act (1986) looks at the rights of people with a disability and assists them to achieve positive outcomes. Federal Disability Services Act (1986) explains the right of the people with disabilities to be treated as equal, respect for their human worth no matter what culture, race, sex, whatever the origin, type and degree of disability have the same fundamental rights as other members of Australian society. People with disabilities have the same right as other members of Australian society to services which will support their attaining an acceptable quality of life. In assisting them to achieve positive outcome the services focus on the achievement of the positive outcomes for people with disabilities, such as increased independence, employment opportunities and integration into the community.
  7. What would happen in an organisation to a worker when there has been a serious breach of standard operating procedures or protocols? List your findings.  The action must be stopped immediately, the needs of a person with a disability are paramount, anything they require must be dealt with first, then the incident must be reported to the supervisor and an incident report completed. The supervisor would then commence mandatory reporting as they are required to, which may include involving the police.  It is the policy of the company that all employees should achieve and maintain agreed standards of conduct, attendance and performance and that everything within reason will be done to help all employees achieve these standards.
  8. In your own words describe what the ‘cycle of positive expectations’ can do for a person with a disability. Cycle of positive expectation is where the support worker provides the best of the quality of life to the person with disability that being supported. The ability to understand the needs of the person with disability and respect what their decisions would have a positive outcome to the person with disability.
  9. Name one Act, Regulation, or Policy that is empowering to a person with a disability. Federal Disability Services Act (1986)

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