Marcus Brutus-the Tragic Hero

Caesar was the powerful ruler of Rome. One of his dearest friends was a man named Marcus Brutus. Brutus was a loyal friend, and was always true to his country. But when Brutus is facing a dilemma in which case he is torn between the life of his friend and what is better for the city of Rome. With Brutus being a true Roman he chooses the death of his friend. With Brutus joining the conspirators, who are plotting against Caesar, they are now even more powerful and can influence the people easier. While all the conspirators stab Caesar in the back, Brutus is the only one to stab Caesar face to face. Marc Antony, Ocatavius, and Lepidus take over the triumvirate. Brutus and Cuis Cassuis took their troops in against Antony and his troops. This will be where Brutus’ death and tragic flaw take place.

While at camp Brutus and Cassius get into an argument leading to Cassuis saying he shall kill himself. After that in solved Brutus heads to bed. In the middle of the night he wakes up to the ghost of Julius. Caesar tells his old friend ‘Though shalt see me at Philippi.’; Brutus is startled by this and isn’t sure what was meant by this. Will Caesar live again or is this some kind of omen. Brutus and his troops March to Philippi. After Cassuis dies, Brutus and his troops are winning, although Brutus don’t realize it. Brutus decides to take the cowards way out of this and kill himself, rather than be drug through the streets of Rome. Strato holds out his sword as Brutus runs about and kills himself. Brutus’ tragic flaw in all of this was he was too loyal to Rome and to his friend Caesar at the same time. After killing Caesar he wasn’t sure if he had done the right thing. And then when after Antony spoke at the funeral and turned all of the people from Rome against Brutus, things started to go downhill for our hero. Then during the battle when he thought he was defeated, and committed suicide, his flaw was complete.

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Brutus was a man loyal to his country. He was very modest and did what he though was right. Although he can be swayed by other people, like the planted letters, he still thinks and acts on his own. He doesn’t have other people think for him. Brutus was also well respected by the people of Rome; this is one reason why the conspirators wanted him. If he was to kill Caesar the people may then believe that it was done not out of jealousy but actually for the good of Rome. Although Brutus is a coward. He killed Caesar and knew he would have to live with that, but when it was his time to die, he didn’t die noblely like Caesar. He cowardly killed himself to get out of the humiliation of being drug through the streets of Rome. As I said before he was affected by others when the notes were planted. After reading the notes, he was somewhat swayed towards the conspirators. But then the conspirators themselves talked to Brutus he was swayed totally to the conspirators side and decided to join them. Had Brutus not joined the conspirators, Caesar may have lived and a new triumvirate may have been born consisting of Brutus, Antony, and Caesar.

He was the noblest Roman of them all. All the conspirators save only he did that they Did in envy of great Caesar; He, only in a general honest thoughtAnd common good to all, made one of them.

His life was gentle, and the elementsSo mixed in him that Nature might stand upAnd say to all the world, ‘This was a man!’;

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