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Image of Marilyn Monroe

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Just An Ordinary Goddess Essay, Research Paper

Merely an Ordinary? Goddess?

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Image of Marilyn Monroe
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Hollywood created the image of Marilyn Monroe as a stereotyped sex bomb and dense blonde, which captivated the eyes and Black Marias of many work forces. Sharon Olds breaks down Monroe? s? goddess? label and identifies Marilyn Monroe with qualities that everyday people really have.

These qualities are shown through Olds? s usage of certain words throughout the verse form, which are seeking to place Marilyn Monroe as a normal individual.

This description of Monroe is in a manner that no 1 could of all time conceive of. It goes against the Hollywood glamors stereotype with the manner Olds describes the state of affairs, ? The ambulance work forces touched her cold organic structure, lifted it, heavy as Fe, onto the stretcher and carried her, as if it were she, down the stairss? ( Olds 418 ) .

The pick of words is really important to the remainder of the verse form because it penetrates past the stereotype of beauty and appeal usually associated with Marilyn Monroe, which leaves you vulnerable to a new expression Sharon Olds wants to present.

The description of Monroe? s organic structure being cold is really different to what a beautiful posting miss should be. Furthermore, Olds? s 2nd description of Monroe? s organic structure being every bit heavy as Fe continues the writer? s attack of seeking to link Monroe as being? homo? non merely the Hollywood automaton of beauty that has no feeling or emotion. The thought of Marilyn Monroe dead in a organic structure bag, weaponries tied to her sides and oral cavity and eyes forced shut does non look existent because that sounds ugly and atrocious, which can non happen, because Monroe is a symbol of beauty. However Olds makes this point of Marilyn? s decease sound like an mundane decease, through the description of the ambulance work forces usage of the organic structure bag. At

-4073- 2

this point Olds connects the first portion of her verse form with the 2nd portion, by doing her strongest point. The writer does this by associating with the work forces who could non

believe Monroe was dead by stating, ? the work forces carried her, as if it were she, down the stairss? ( Olds 418 ) . This statement shows that she can link with the work forces, by stating that the adult female on the stretcher can non be Marilyn Monroe because that adult female is non beautiful, instead is really cold and heavy. But if the existent Marilyn Monroe were to decease, she would be glamourous and beautiful like she usually was.

The mundane qualities that people have were certainly non seen by the work forces that looked at Marilyn Monroe because whenever they saw her, they fantasized or had dreams about her. Now she was dead. These work forces were ne’er the same. They went out afterwards, as they ever did, for a drink or two, but they could non run into each other? s eyes ( Olds 418 ) . This reveals the work forces all idea of her as a? goddess? because of their single responses to the state of affairs. Their responses were all separately different but based on an infatuation, that they could non run into each other? s eyes because they were disregarding their masculine deepness of feelings ( Bly 338 ) . One adult male had incubuss, unusual strivings, powerlessness, depression, which shows that even though he did non cognize Monroe, she had an consequence on his life ( Olds 418 ) . The 2nd adult male looked at decease otherwise? as a topographic point where she would be waiting, which means alternatively of populating his life to travel to heaven, he was traveling to populate so he could see Marilyn when he dies. These two work forces relate to Marilyn Monroe as being more than human. These two descriptions bring out the sexy Hollywood creative activity of Marilyn Monroe. However with the last adult male? s history Olds? s leaves us with a permanent feeling of the manner she wants us to retrieve Marilyn Monroe. Sharon Olds uses a technique that slows the reader down as the verse form ends, which makes the reader identify

-4073- 3

with Monroe taking her last breaths. So the writer slows you down and uncover what she wanted to, that Marilyn Monroe was merely an ordinary adult female external respiration ( Olds 419 ) .

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