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Massculture Nowadays

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In today’s society many people like to follow the current. They want to catch the wave. Which means it does not matter if things are good or bad, right or wrong, they just follow and do things without thinking. Because of this there are not too many people who would like to be a normal, thoughtful, or neutral person. However, in the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald one of the character’s name is Nick Carroway, he was a good and neutral narrator.

This is because in the novel he analyzed everything with regard to accuracy of observation.

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In The Great Gatsby when Jay Gatsby told Nick he wanted to return things like they were in the past with his lover, Daisy, Nick Carroway warned him to give it up because it was impossible. Unfortunately Mr.Gatsby would not believe it. This can be seen in the last chapter of the novel when Gatsby was murdered, and Daisy went with her husband and did not go to Gatsby’s funeral.

This proves that Nick Carroway’s analysis was right about this.

Nick Carroway is also a good narrator, he sees everything that happens and does not

trust everybody easily. When he hears something he doesn’t believe it until he proves it, then he will accept the truth. When Nick went to Gatsby’s party there was a drunken lady telling everyone Gatsby killed a man before, also there was another lady saying that Gatsby was a German spy. Nick heard it, but when Nick had a chance to have a lunch with Gatsby, he told Nick he was an Oxford man and showed him that he fought in World War One. Then Nick knew Gatsby was not a German Spy or a murderer. Another thing to prove this idea is at the end of the novel when Daisy drove Gatsby’s car and hit Mrs.Wilson. He did not make a decision about what happened until he had found out what really happened. All this just helps support the fact that Nick is an honest, neutral, and reliable person in the book.

He does not favor any of the characters throughout the entire novel. All of the characters are all as indifferent to Nick Carroway as the one before. He also is a very good narrator. He tells everything clearly and as accurately as he can.


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