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There is a tendency in modern society for people to follow trends without questioning their morality or correctness. As a result, there are fewer individuals who strive to be seen as average, thoughtful, or impartial. However, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, presents the character Nick Carroway as a trustworthy and unbiased narrator. Throughout the book, Carroway diligently examines and evaluates everything based on its accuracy and observation.

In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby expressed his longing to relive the past with Daisy, his lover. However, Nick Carroway advised him to let go of this notion as it was deemed impossible. Sadly, Gatsby vehemently denied accepting this truth. This is evident in the concluding chapter of the book, where Gatsby is tragically killed and Daisy decides to remain with her spouse rather than attending Gatsby’s burial. These occurrences validate the correctness of Nick Carroway’s assessment.

Nick Carroway is a narrator with the ability to impartially observe and understand all events.

Nick is a person who readily places trust in others, but only accepts something as true after confirming its veracity. While attending Gatsby’s party, there were circulating rumors about Gatsby being involved in murder and espionage for Germany. However, during a lunch with Gatsby, Nick discovered that Gatsby was actually an Oxford-educated individual who served in World War One. This revelation effectively disproved any notions of him being a spy or killer. Another incident showcasing Nick’s commitment to seeking the truth occurred when Daisy drove Gatsby’s car and accidentally struck Mrs. Wilson. Nick refrained from passing judgment until he had gathered all the relevant information. These occurrences highlight Nick’s integrity, fairness, and dependability throughout the novel.

Throughout the entire novel, Nick Carroway remains impartial towards all of the characters. Each character is as indifferent to him as the previous one. Additionally, Nick proves to be an excellent narrator, conveying information clearly and accurately.

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