Review of the Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Innovations

Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Innovations is a Matrix managed corporation that has tall management that has many layers, which makes it difficult to communicate face to face with everyone in the company. There are instances where there needs to be communication between many employees simultaneously. Top executives need to hand down new policies and procedures, sales managers need to be in touch with the production warehouse and the sales team is required to relay the progress of their sales on a daily basis. With so many tasks to be handled at once, it is very difficult for crucial messages to be sent or received.

One of the most effective ways that Lucent Technologies ensures messages are sent is through electronic mail, better known as email. Email is a great channel of communication for a number of reasons; the most important factor is its timeliness of delivery. Email allows the sender to get their message sent to the recipient almost immediately, within a matter of seconds email will be posted. Email also allows the message to be time and date stamped, which is helpful for both the sender and receiver.

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Even though just about everyone at Lucent uses the English language everyone has a different writing style so it is very easy for the message not to get across, but fortunately with email the parties involved may write back and for until the semantic barriers are broken. Being able to have accurate documentation is very important for a corporation of this size; messages can be easily misconstrued and sometimes depending on the situation amnesia enters into the equation.

By using email everyone at Lucent Technologies benefits from the convenience of never having to leave their office or their home for that matter to communicate accurately and expeditiously. Not only does electronic mail provide a documented source of communication but it also saves money. When time is money it is very crucial that less time is spent on the telling and more time is spent on the doing. With email messages can be sent to one or many with one simple click.

Lucent technologies also use another form of communication that saves them time and money, which many at Lucent feel, is not as practical as email. Voicemail is much like email except it is voice instead of written words. Like email voicemail can be time and date stamped. But a huge downfall of voicemail is that it lets the receiver hear voice inflection, which can be very detrimental during high-pressure situations. For example, if a salesperson is panicked by their customer’s equipment has not arrived and the salesperson leaves a voice message for their manger, the excitement in the salesperson’s voice and which can create cause noise in the message. The manger may be so distracted with the anger in the salespersons tone that the manger may not focus or even hear the issue at hand. Voicemail just as email also allows the sender and receiver to not only send and forward messages, but it does not allow the sender to keep documentation of the message, which is not, a very efficient avenue because of the possibility of the message being lost. This looses time and money as well.

At Lucent Technologies communication is one of the most important necessities to operate day-to-day functions. Electronic mail is the most effective form of communication to date for this corporation. Its ability to allow the users to express

exactly what they want to construe their message and document it with time and date is essential for the communication process. The noise level can be kept at a minimum with written words because there is no distraction with body language or voice inflection. Although, others may distract the receiver in their presence while reading the message, email will permit the receiver to save the message and read it at another time if he/she desires. Being able to respond to a message through the use of email is important for the communication process to work effectively and efficiently. The sender and receiver can respond as many times as necessary to make sure that everyone has a full understanding. Electronic mail for now is the best form of communicating quickly and accurately for doing business today.


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