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A Moment of Glory in My Life During the Art Competition


Words: 305 (2 pages)

Life is the summation of many single moments. Some moments give happiness, some give sadness and some moments give us such a glory that we want to recall those moments whenever we get some times. I can yet remember the day when such a glorious moment came to my life. That time I was in…

My most memorable moment


Words: 2762 (12 pages)

My name is Melinda Nampiima Kiwanuka. I’m 16years old and my date of birth is 04/07/87. I’m a born again Christian and an active member of my Pentecostal church liberty Christian fellowship. I’m the youngest of my group of true friends, of which the oldest is Sharpe who’s 30 and besides me the youngest is…

Serious Misunderstandings and Problems Caused by Prejudice



Words: 1249 (5 pages)

It is typical for people to be prejudiced, yet prejudice can cause major misunderstandings and problems. Significant prejudice occurs in Nadine Gordimer’s story, “The Moment Before the Gun Went Off,” based on Marais Van der Vyver, a white South African farmer in the time of Apartheid who has a secret – a black son that…

The Happiest moment of my life


Words: 695 (3 pages)

The Happiest moment of my Life It all started on a mid-spring night at about 11:55 when my sister started having labor pains. I really did not know anything was going on until I was frantically awakened by my mom screaming like a crazy person. I jumped out of bed and quickly realized my sister…

The One Moment That I Would Like to Relive Sample


Words: 591 (3 pages)

I took one last expression in the mirror before heading out of the front door. There was a waver of exhilaration in my tummy as I approached the black polishing vehicle parked in my private road with a handsome m. an in a white shirt who held the door for me. Although it had been…

Momentum and collisions


Words: 571 (3 pages)

Grade 12 Physics Daniel Gockeritz PRACTICAL INVESTIGATION MOMENTUM AND COLLISIONS This report will investigate the theoretical velocity of a ball bearing gun. The methods and techniques used to derive the results will be shown along with the possible systematic and random errors caused by experimental limitations. ·Since the track is virtually frictionless and air resistance…

Tom Robinson Trial


Words: 806 (4 pages)

To what extent was Tom Robinson’s fate sealed the moment Mayella Ewell accused him of rape. Maycomb is presented as a town fill with many prejudices. However, in the American south of the 1930s racial prejudice was probably the most dangerous and most lethal. This can be seen in the case of Tom Robinson, a…

Stressful Moment in My Life



Words: 693 (3 pages)

The mostly stressful moments I have experienced in my life is during my exam time. Exam stress is an unfortunate part of life as for me. When I am getting ready for exams often feel a lot of pressure, which can result in nervousness and anxiety. I feel a certain level of pressure due to…

My happiest moment


Words: 679 (3 pages)

We managed to get onto an unknown street, and it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, so we had no idea where we were. We traveled along the road for a long time, but we passed by a clearing to our right, and we saw the greatest set of dirt jumps that we…

The Moment Before the Gun Went Off: Class Discussion Sample


Words: 1914 (8 pages)

1. How would you construe the significance of this narrative?a. In the narrative. Gordimer connects the two races as victims of the unfairnesss of apartheid. The supporter. Marais Van der Vyver’s shows involvement in the “black male child. ” Lucas a victim of freak accident. carelessness. and finally apartheid. In the narrative Gordimer’s shows how…

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