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Business Ethics of McDonald’s Staff

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The Ethics and the Employee is the most important component in business world. In global perspective, the law generally guides business ethics, but at other times, business ethics provides basic guidelines that companies can choose to follow to gain public approval. International labour standards are a comprehensive set of legal instruments that establish basic principles and rights at work, with a goal to improve working conditions on a global scale. Let’s talk about how McDonald’s employees service the customers with proper business ethics in service sector.

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Business Ethics of McDonald’s Staff
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McDonald’s staffs are following the rules with the company’s ‘Business Conduct Standards’ document. Every year, all of the staffs have to sign a contract or agreement certifying that they have understood about the document and obey their precepts. The employees also involved themselves in training on ethical standards. McDonald’s obey its moral obligation to provide a clean and hygienic restaurant children’s toys and provide a safe environment for all customers.

This means that food and toy safety standards should achieve or exceed government standards. The obligations include make sure that all advertisements are opened and tasteful, and do not share the secret of business information.

McDonald’s includes a section on sharing the positive-minded or experiences to the staff. For instance, encourage the staffs or employees to report inappropriate actions without fear of condemn. The working environment should involve the positive peace, and fair elements without harassment and violence. In today’s society, harassments may include sexual harassment, racial jokes and so on. The company abides the code of ethics and treats all employees equally in accordance with the code of ethics.

The book ‘Enterprise Standards’ includes a section on the ethical principles of McDonald’s asset management. These obligations include protecting the intellectual property rights of McDonald’s and its assets. We can take the example as the employees should not use company computer to transmit or carry out the illegal behaviour or using McDonald’s logos for personal gain. If there is a conflict of interest, it should be immediately shared with the company’s global compliance office, including working with family and friends.

The moral obligations of McDonald’s employees are returning to society. Employees may donate money and hours of service each year. However, the company’s political contributions must be approved by the government relations department. Employees who wish to donate time or money to political candidates are free to do so, but can rely only on personal time and at their own expense. McDonald’s also focuses on environmental health like how to invest in innovation and protection from climate change. Corruption and bribery is strictly prohibited in McDonald’s.

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