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Mermaids A Myth or Reality

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Mermaids A Myth or Reality
For centuries, the myth of mermaids has swam around minds before computer or telephones exsisted. Different part of the World have been documenting mermaids for thousands of years starting with calligraphy writing to illustrations caputured by sailors in old fashioned journals. The recent article by Christie Wilson titled “Hoax Documentary Dredges Up Mermaids” is a summary of the recent Aminal Planet documentaries, “Mermaids the Body Found” and “Mermaids the New Evidence”.

This article not only discounts the information shared in the film but claims to believe the exisistence of shape shifters at the same time.

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Mermaids A Myth or Reality
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he closest thing to a mermaid in Hawaiian lore is the mo’o, according to Noelle M.K.Y. Kahanu, director of community affairs at Bishop Museum. “These are kupua (demigods) who could shift between their lizard form and human and who often guarded fresh water or brackish water ponds and waterways,” she said in an email. Mo’o most often are women, though not exclusively.

“They are considered protectors of our natural resources who did battle with intrusive human or spiritual forces,” Kahanu said. After viewing both documentaries myself, via utube, and researching Dr. Paul Robertson, I believe in the possibility of mermaids not a myth but possibly a reality. Dr. Robertson has a twitter account and a website called www.believeinmermaids.com which the government has recently seized and block people from viewing on the internet. If mermaids are simply a myth, why the protective merasures from the government to hide evidence and portray Dr. Paul Robertson as a actor? Mermaids Could They Be Real- The concensus

Before watching these two documentaries I was skeptical about its contents, but after analyzing the information given realized the possibility should not be completely discounted. In the article “Hoax Documentary Dredges Up Mermaids” author Christine uses fallacies to give readers a reason to believe her but with little persuasion in my opinion. “The 2012 mermaid special stirred enough interest — and confusion — about the subject to push the real NOAA?Fisheries agency to issue a statement acknowledging a long-held fascination with the half-human, half-fish creatures dating back to 30,000-year-old cave paintings.BUT ARE mermaids real? “No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found,” NOAA firmly stated. Wilson said the “original mermaids were either seals or sea lions, and when ancient sailors saw them, the seals would come out of the water with seaweed on their heads and they thought it was hair. And when you’ve been at sea for several months, anything looks good.”

Okay, if the government and NOAA is postitive mermaids are a myth why have they been documented for thousands of years by humans who lived long distances away from one another. All of these people saw the same type of creature or creatures in the sea and documented this through illustrations and writings all these years ago for a reason. Could it be these siting were seen as noteworthy and needed to be shared with future generations? Christine further expresses her opinion of these documentaries by making this statement in her article, “LET’S get one thing clear:?Outside of Disney movies and splashy shows at hotel pools, there are no such things as mermaids.

The phony documentary “Mermaids the Body Found” premiered May 26 to the cable network’s largest audience ever: 3.6 million viewers. And judging from the social media buzz that followed, why were so many people willing to consider the admittedly fake evidence presented during the program by actors posing as experts? First of all how does she know the evidence was fake, and the Doctors in the program were actors? I viewed both of these programs and never saw a disclaimer stating anything about fake evidence or actors. In conclustion, Dr. Paul Robertson is a real person, it is easy to access his information and websites on google, twitter, utube or more for information on the subject of mermaids and why he belives them to be real.

The information found in his documentaries on Animal Planet speak to how mermaids could have evolved and how we could be tied to them. The most astounding evidence found, was captured by two marine biologists who went thousands of level below sea level, putting off a bloop signature believed to attracted a mermaid. After hours of filming what appears to be a mermaid swims right up to the sea vessel and is clearly seen on tape, slowed down for analyzation sake. After analyzing information in the article and other sources there is more evidence that says mermaids could be real than not.

Wilson, C. (2013, Jun 06). Hoax documentary dredges up mermaids, Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Retrieved from http://search .proquest.com/docview/1365621111 Mermaids not real? c’mon, now. (2012, Jul 05). Virginian – Pilot. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/1023338644?accountid=458

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Mermaids A Myth or Reality. (2016, May 05). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/mermaids-paper/

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