American Dream: Myth or Reality

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The American Dream: What Does It Mean Dreams come Into deferent varieties, big, small, colorful, black and white, long, short, and other things that you can think of. But there Is only one dream that every American wants to achieve, that is the American dream. The American dream started way back when America was founded. It started through the search of gold and of religious freedom by the Europeans settlers. Explorers during the 1 sass looked for riches and sought religious freedom. They lived the life of the American Dream. A life that is full of riches and prosperity.

But according to Bob Herbert, the American ream is fading away. In his article “Hiding from Reality,” he stated that “there is not much of it that’s left anymore. ” Even though Herbert thinks that the American dream is dying, I disagree and believe that it is still alive. I believe that it has evolved and has been changed throughout the time. A lot of historic events had happened that influenced and changed how people view the American dream. People have their own deflation of the American dream. What the American dream means to me Is to have freedom to do anything, to have education, and to be a successful person.

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Not very person seems to believe that It Is still alive. Bob Herbert is an American journalist who writes for The New York Times. He often writes on poverty, the Iraq war, racism and American political apathy towards race issues. In his article “Hiding From Reality,” he wrote about the American dream and how it is fading away. He stated, “However you want to define the American dream, there is not much of it that’s left anymore. ” Herbert believes that the American dream is dead. I disagree with Herbert assumption. I believe that the American dream is still alive and it has been change through time.

Americans have their own definition of the American dream. The American dream has been always about money and prosperity. Through time, Americans have changed their views on the American dream. Some people think that it’s about the freedom. Some people think that It’s about the education. Some people think that It’s about being successful. However you want to define the American dream, it is still alive and it is in every Americans. But not only Americans still believe in the American dream, some people from other countries have been dreaming of coming in to the united states and brought their win definition of the American dream.

For some people, it is not always about the money, fame and power. There is a more important thing than those things combined for them, which is freedom. In his article “Leanness’s Step-father: Flees Cuba, Lives American Dream,” Mike Loopiest talks about Yin Olivarez and his dream of fleeing Cuba to come to the united States. Olivarez left Cuba for Its communism roughly twenty years ago. He came to the united States by swimming across the cold RL Grandee on a January night for a visit to Mexico. He did not come for the money, or for the fame, or for the power.

He came here for freedom, freedom that some of the countries around the united States do not have. Olivarez leave at home. Because people don’t understand, it is not about economics, it is not about a better life. It is about freedom. Across the river, maybe I am the most poor man in the world, but I can express I am the most poor man, and if I don’t like the president. ” I agree with Olivarez. This is why I believe that the American Dream is not about Just the money, fame or power. It is also about freedom, to have the freedom that gives you the ability to express yourself, to be anything that you want, and to tan for oneself.

Every single American has the right to acquire higher education and pursue their dreams. Education is really important for most people. It gives people the knowledge of how to be a very successful person. Many international students come to the United States to study and achieve their dreams. According to an article, “Record number of foreign students in U. S. ” by Mary Beth Marksmen, an USA Today News writer, the number of international student enrolled in U. S. Colleges climbed 6% to a record 764,495 in 2011, an increase of students coming mostly from China and Saudi Arabia.

Chinese students increased 23% from last years’ 194,029. Saudi Arabian students Jumped 50%, to 34,139. Not only students from Asia, European students keep coming to study at the universities in the United States. I believe that these students came here to the U. S. To pursue their dream of having higher education, which is their American dream. Higher education can give anyone more options to a better and a more stable life. It gives people the knowledge how to be successful in life. It takes hard work, courage, patience and perseverance to be a very successful person. But it is not impossible for anyone to be successful.

One has to work hard to be successful. Things will not always come easily. Steve Jobs is the co-founder of the famous computer software company Apple Computers. He was born in San Francisco, California, on February 24, 1955. As an infant, Steven was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs and named Steven Paul Jobs. The family lived in Mountain View within Californians Silicon Valley. As a boy, Jobs and his father would work on electronics in the family garage. Not long after Jobs did enroll at Homestead High School. He was introduced to his future partner, Steve Woozier, through a friend of Wooziness.

After high school, Jobs enrolled at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Lacking direction, he dropped out of college after six months. When Jobs was Just 21, he and Woozier started Apple Computers. The duo started in the Jobs family garage, and funded their entrepreneurial venture after Jobs sold his Volkswagen bus and Woozier sold his beloved scientific calculator. Apple initially marketed the computers for $666. 66 each, and the Apple I earned the corporation around $774,000. Three years after the release of Apple’s second model, the Apple II, the company’s sales increased by 700 recent, to $139 million.

In 1980, Apple Computer became a publicly traded company, with a market value of $1. 2 billion on its very first day of trading. Even though Jobs was a dropped out in college, he and his partner Steve Woozier were very successful in starting and running the company. They worked hard and sacrificed many things to obtain better possessions. They believed in their selves and had faith in each dictionary. ” I agree with this saying. Only those who are productive will prosper and will be successful in life. People dream differently, but there is only one dream we have in common, the American dream.

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