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Miss Gee Character Review

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From the title, we can see the character of Miss Gee establishing. Through the use of ‘Miss’ we learn that she is single. Moreover, the first stanza shows that this poem uses a first person narrator as it states ‘let me tell you a little story’. Not only does this show that the narrator knows Miss Gee on a personal level but also the opening resembles a bed time story. The writer uses the word ‘little’ perhaps to indicate that Miss Gee’s life was insignificant.

Furthermore, the idea of Miss Gee being insignificant and ordinary is supported by the information of her door number ‘At Number 83’. This shows that she lives down a long road and we don’t associate the number 83 with anything significant, just like her. Also, the number 83 is odd suggests that Miss Gee also is odd. The second stanza proceeds to give us information about her physical appearance, which is unflattering. With a ‘squint in her left eye’ the writer suggests that she has a distorted view on life.

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Miss Gee Character Review
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Her ‘slopping shoulders’ suggests that she lacks confidence and perhaps is tired of life. A lack of companionship is established early on in the poem and with lips that are ‘thin and small’ the lack of conversation is highlighted and with ‘no bust at all’ we understand that Miss Gee isn’t feminine and this is why she has no relationship.

The poem continues to highlight the limitations of Miss Gee’s life through the repetition of ‘Clevedon Terrace’ showing that her life doesn’t have many new elements to it and perhaps her life, like the poem, is very repetitive. Also, the writer states that Miss Gee has a ‘mac for wet days’ and a ‘green umbrella’ this suggests that Miss Gee is very cautious and is always prepared for the worst which might even show that she is a very dull person. This is further elaborated on as Auden writes that Miss Gee had ‘Harsh’ brakes. The use of ‘Harsh’ adds a rougher tone to the calm and slow poem, it also shows that when life shows any change Miss Gee is quick to press the brakes and stop her emotions from showing. In the following stanza’s we see the use of direct speech, with the reader having a comical response to Miss Gee now feels sympathy towards her. ‘Starlight’ relates to wishful thinking and fairy tales again we are reminded that Miss Gee’s life is far from a fairy tale.

Through direct speech we see the desperation of Miss Gee for a companion through the use of ‘anyone’ this shows that she doesn’t care about who or what is her companion as long as she has someone that worries about her. We see another repetitive use of ‘Clevedon Terrace’ this indicates that even Miss Gee is tired of the repetition her life holds. We than see a transition from her life into her dream, and before we saw Miss Gee as a 2D character, we now find more details about her. Miss Gee is shown to be attracted to the Vicar but soon her dream turns into a nightmare as the Vicar changes into a bull and charges at her. We know that Miss Gee is a religious person and the bull might indicate that she must keep away from temptations or else its going to end badly.

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