Modes of Transportation in South Korea

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The article discusses the various modes of transportation available in South Korea, which include land, water, and air travel. The transportation system aims to connect every part of the city and the country to other states around the world. The railway system is considered the most convenient way of traveling long distances and is composed of three types of trains: Mugunghwa-Ho, Tongil-ho, and Saemaeul-ho. The metro system is located underground in Seoul and above ground in other cities. There are two types of coach services available: regional and local, which cater to different needs. Taxis are also a popular mode of transportation. South Korea has many public ferry services and 15 airports. Incheon International airport is the busiest airport in South Korea.

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There are a batch of ways on how to acquire around South Korea. By land. H2O and air travel. a local or tourer can voyage the huge state of South Korea. There are many manners of transit available including railroads. autos. coachs. ferries and aeroplanes. The end of these transit systems is to link every portion of the metropolis and the metropolis to rural countries and South Korea to other states around the universe.


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In 1899. South Korea had its first railroad system that connected Incheon and Seoul. Since so. the system have expanded that even reached the “Trans Siberian Railway. ” However. legion train lines were badly destroyed because of the war between North and South Korea. Soon. the railroad system is considered as the most convenient manner of going long distances.

Besides. it is economical and practical ( Gone2Korea. 2007. “Public Transportation in Korea” ) . The railroad system in South Korea is comprised of three different types viz. : “Mugunghwa- Ho. Tongil-ho. Saemaeul-ho. ” Mugunghwa- Ho provides the most figure of lines that link one metropolis from the other while Tongil-ho has smaller trains that traverse rural small towns. Among the three. Saemaeul-ho is the lone first category fast train ( Seoul Searching. 2006. “Seoul Trains” ) .


Before the building of the metro system. Koreans have normally used autos to acquire around the metropolis. During 1968. Koreans were introduced to the construct of a metro as a agency of transit. There are several metropoliss that have integrated a metro system including “Incheon. Busan. Daegu and Seoul” ( Gone2Korea. 2007. “Public Transportation in Korea” ) . In Seoul. autos of metros are located underground while in other metropoliss these are situated above land ( Gone2Korea. 2007. “Seoul’s Subway System” ) .

Cars and Buss

There are two sorts of coach services: Regional and Local service. Regional coach service serves most of the town in South Korea. Besides. there are two types of regional service. Gosok are buses that transports commuters for long distances while Shioe is the opposite wherein its has more Michigans and it takes longer clip to go. The other sort of coach service is the local coach service that operates in metropoliss. There has besides two types of local coach service. Jwaseok which is more of high category quality while Ilban is more low-cost ( Gone2Korea. 2007. “Public Transportation in Korea” ) .

Meanwhile. land travel can besides be done by siting taxis. Normally. taxis are silver or white in colour. The regular cab or Ilban are frequently used by locals because it is cheaper while the Deluxe cab caters to aliens which is most frequently than non overpriced ( Asianinfo. org. 2000. “Transportation in Seoul” ) .

Waterwaies and Air Travel

South Korea offers a figure of public ferry services which is served in four chief ports viz. : “Busan. Mokpo. Incheon and Pohang. ” More so. it has the largest commercial ships across the Earth that provide “regular services to Japan. Middle East and China” ( Gone2Korea. 2007. “Public Transportation in Korea” ) .

Furthermore. South Korea is equipped with 15 airdromes in which 7 are for domestic travel and 8 are for international travel. Of all 15 airdromes. Incheon International airdrome has the most figure of travellers ( Gone2Korea. 2007. “Public Transportation in Korea” ) .


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