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Recently in my English Composition category. we began larning approximately reading as a procedure. While discoursing this subject. it was pointed out that when a individual reads a text they bring their ain life experience with them and it influences the manner that the content is perceived by that individual. It was besides stated that. whenever a individual reads. they go through three response phases in what is labeled as their reading response analysis. These three phases are: perceptual experiences. affectional response. and associatory response. The perceptual experiences are the reader’s initial feelings in response to the text ; the affectional response is the natural emotion that the text produces in the reader ; and the associatory response is where the reader determines what is behind their initial feelings to the text and why the text brought about the perceptual experiences that it prompted. In this paper. I am traveling to exemplify a reading response analysis as it pertains to a text by lucubrating on my personal responses sing a peculiar text through the use of the three phases that I have merely presented.

The text that I have chosen is the vocal “Moments” ( Tate. Tate. & A ; Berg. 2006 ) as it was recorded by the state music group Emerson Drive. My perceptual experience of this vocal is that it starts out really sad and dejecting but. by so terminal. it has taken on a much brighter mentality. My affectional response is that the wordss touch my bosom in a manner really few vocals of all time have and that it makes me smile and brings a tear to my oculus at the same clip. My associatory response is that my battles with depression and suicidal ideas throughout my life-time have led me to where I can associate really closely to the emotion being alluded to in the narration of the vocal. Almost seven old ages ago. “Moments” came across my radio’s airwaves for the really first clip and it proceeded to touch my bosom. I will acknowledge that I have listened to 100s of 1000s of vocals performed by many different creative persons and in many different genres within my comparatively short life-time.

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However. at that place have non been many vocals that have been able to convey a tear to my oculus every individual clip that I have heard them. My initial feeling was that the vocal was reasonably slow so is gives the hearer adequate clip to truly listen and believe about what the vocalist is stating. The vocal starts out looking really sad and cheerless because it is being told from the point of position of a adult male who is contemplating perpetrating self-destruction by leaping off of a span. However. by the terminal it does non experience about as sad and the adult male singing the vocal appears to be much more cheerful about life than he was at the beginning. This vocal. for me. brings up a batch of assorted emotions in my affectional response to it. At first. it appears to be really sad and cheerless because the immature adult male is believing about leaping off of a span and stoping his life. He has gotten to a point in his life where he is non even certain that anyone would lose him if he really did decease.

It makes me experience highly funny to cognize what precisely the adult male has been traveling through to acquire to a point where he feels like cipher attentions about him and he merely wants to stop his life instead than maintain seeking to travel frontward. As the vocal progresses. there is information presented sing the lives of the self-destructive adult male and the homeless adult male that he encounters as he is heading to the center of the span to leap. Hearing about their lives. it makes me experience understanding for both of the work forces after larning that they used to hold such great things in their lives but. for whatever ground. those fantastic things appear to hold gone off. Then. at the terminal of the vocal. it is revealed that the immature adult male did non kill himself and that he. at least partly. credits the homeless adult male with assisting him draw through whatever he felt was so atrocious and happen the will to maintain life. The wordss at the terminal of the vocal are much more cheerful and hopeful than I was anticipating based on the manner that the vocal started out. This vocal has ne’er failed to illicit a really strong emotional reaction from me. Even to this really twenty-four hours. by the terminal of the vocal I about ever have a smiling on my face and a tear in my oculus.

I find it to be a really affecting vocal. While delving deeper and trying to better understand my associatory response to this vocal. I discovered a belief that this vocal elicits these peculiar emotional reactions from me because I have been a sick person of depression and self-destructive ideas in changing grades for about every bit long as I can retrieve. I. personally. hold known that feeling of complete hopelessness. I have known the feeling of believing that I had hit absolute stone underside where there are no silver liners. no ladders back out of the hole that has been dug. and no ground to even travel on for one more twenty-four hours. I have besides come to recognize. merely as the adult male in the vocal did. that it can do all the difference in the universe to hold person at that place to speak to. I believe that there are times when the lone thing needed is for person else to indicate out that life hasn’t ever been so bad and to stress that there have been good times excessively.

If there is person who can make that. so they may besides be able to emphasize the belief that there could be more good times coming but the storm has to run its class before the sunshine can happen its manner back through to reflect once more. When I foremost heard the vocal “Moments” so many old ages ago. my initial feeling was that it started out coming across as a really sad and cheerless vocal but. at its decision. turned out non to be all that sad after all. In fact. contrary to the feeling of hopelessness that is presented at the beginning of the vocal. the stoping feels really cheerful and hopeful. By the manner that the narrative is presented throughout the vocal. my affectional response is really a mix of many different emotions. During the class of hearing the vocal all the manner through it brings about feelings of sorrow. depression. wonder. understanding. and hopefulness from within me.

While making research for this paper and analysing my ain associatory response to the vocal. I have come to believe that I have such a strong. assorted emotional response to the wordss because of my ain personal history of battles with depression and self-destructive ideas. The things that are being stated within the content of the vocal seem to hit me really hard because I can sympathize with the emotions that the storyteller is touching to in his narrative. The emotions are highly powerful for me because I have experienced really similar emotions in my ain life. Whenever a individual reads a text they bring their full life experience with them and it influences how that individual responds to the text. From their initial response to what they have read. to their natural emotional reaction. to their apprehension of why they have reacted in the manner that they have. the experience is sole for each person. It would be impossible to bring forth an indistinguishable perceptual experience. affectional response. and associatory response to any text in two different readers. There have ne’er been two people who have experienced the exact same life and. hence. there will ne’er be two people who perceive any text in the exact same manner and for the exact same grounds. Every individual is alone so it is merely suiting that their response to a text is every bit as unique.


Tate. A. . Tate. S. & A ; Berg. D. ( 2006 ) . Moments [ Recorded by Emerson Drive ] . On Countrified [ CD ] . Nashville. Tennessee: Midas Records.

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