Multicultural Society in the USA Essay

Multicultural Society in the USA

The American society is one that developed because of the immigrant influx several centuries back; until now, this immigration culture is an evident aspect of the society - Multicultural Society in the USA Essay introduction. This has created one of the most diverse societies in the world, with the country being a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures.  Whether America today has truly become multicultural is something that would be arguable, as true multiculturalism would entail different groups of people living in harmony.  This is harmony in the sense that there are mutual acceptability and tolerance for the multicultural values existing in the society.  The reality of multiculturalism is something any country should face, and there should be both informal and institutionalized response to such reality.  Sociological theories would contend that cultural integration and diversity is an augmenting value in the various states in the world, and to create a harmonious society, then there should be corresponding responses to it.

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Multicultural Society in the USA
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For one, there should be freedom in the practice of difference cultures.  This can refer to traditions, values, and religion.  There should tolerance for such diversity, and the minority groups should be allowed to continue these cultural practices.  Any attempt on the part of the government to limit these practices would essentially violate the principles of diversity.  This is something that is already being done in the USA, although there are still traces of discrimination and conflict directed towards minority groups like Asians and Africans.  Another aspect of a truly multicultural society would be to eliminate any form of discrimination or preference and inclination towards a certain racial or cultural group.  This means acceptance in the formal level – as in the laws adopted by the government – and in the informal levels – or how minority groups are treated in the daily basis.  For instance, there are formal barriers to discrimination, like the anti-racism law; but it may not be enough to prevent racism in the grassroots.

Another important step that the USA has to take is the representation of minority groups in politics, organizations, and other sectors like education and military.  Although there are landmark cases in the country that has seen the rise of Asians or African-Americans into power, these minority groups occupy a very small percentage in the government even in businesses, which does not correspond to the population ratio.  Hence, the country should try to close the gaps in terms of these formal representation opportunities.  These should not just be confined to representation, but also opportunities in terms of education and employment.

Another important thing to consider in a multicultural America is that different cultures would require different things – laws, education, or policies.  For instance, Muslims would adhere to the Shar’ia law, which is based on their religion.  Also, other religions or cultures would have some practices that would be different or even opposed to each other’s beliefs.  These things should be reconciled, and not immediately regarded as deviant or negative.

The USA is one of the countries whose peoples are truly diverse; this diversity should be used to advantage and should be developed.  In order to achieve a truly multicultural American society, then there should be a conscious and collective effort to integrate the cultures and practices in the society.  There should be tolerance and acceptance, and gaps should be kept minimal or eradicated altogether.  A multicultural society would mean that the diversity should be reflected in the everyday lives and even in the institutions and policies of the country.

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