What is Mumbai Monorail?

The Mumbai Monorail is a monorail system presently under building for the metropolis of Mumbai. India. The undertaking is being implemented by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority MMRDA. with Larsen & A ; Toubro ( L & A ; T ) and a pool of Malayan substructure Scomi Engineering. It will be the first monorail in India.  Construction began in January 2009. The first line is scheduled to be commissioned in April 2013.


Vilasrao Deshmukh. the so Chief Minister of Maharashtra. cleared the presentment for building of the first monorail system in India on August 13. 2008. The system will track through Jacob Circle. Wadala. Mahul and Chembur. paving the manner for a feeder service to the bing suburban railroad web. The two shortlisted pool to construct the line were Bombardier Transportation. Reliance Energy in association with Hitachi Monorail. and Larsen and Toubro with Scomi Rail of Malaysia. On November 11. 2008. the victor was announced to be Larsen and Toubro along with Scomi. who received a  460 crore ( US $ 447. 72 million ) contract to construct and run the monorail until 2029. Construction of Mumbai Monorail started in January 2009 along the Chembur – Wadala – Jacob Circle path and was scheduled to be completed in April 2011.  Due to holds. the first part of the line. between Chembur and Wadala. is now expected to be operational in January 2013.

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The 2nd part. from Jacob Circle to Wadala. is expected to be ready by December 2013.  A 108-meter trial tally was successfully conducted on January 26. 2010. The monorail had its first trial tally on 18 February 2012 from its pace in Wadala to a station at Bhakti Park. a distance of around a kilometer. Scomi the Malayan company that supplied the profligates for the undertaking. was in charge of the test. The MMRDA will make up one’s mind whether the Singapore-based SMRT or the Hong Kong-based Mass Transit Rail will be given the undertaking of attesting the monorail system. This is because the Commissioner of Railway Safety ( CRS ) had said it didn’t have the capacity to attest the monorail. as it was a different system from the railroads. The electrical workings of the monorail will be certified by the Electrical Inspector General.

Bandra–Worli Sea Link

The Bandra–Worli Sea Link ( BWSL )  officially called Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link. is a cable-stayed span with pre-stressed concrete-steel viaducts on either side that links Bandra in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai with Worli in South Mumbai. The span is a portion of the proposed Western Freeway that will associate the Western Suburbs to Nariman Point in Mumbai’s chief concern territory. The  movie  16 billion ( US $ 291. 2 million ) span was commissioned by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation ( MSRDC ) . and built by the Hindustan Construction Company. The first four of the eight lanes of the span were opened to the populace on 30 June 2009. All eight lanes were opened on 24 March 2010. BWSL reduces travel clip between Bandra and Worli during peak hours from 60–90 proceedings to 20–30 proceedings.  As of October 2009. BWSL had an mean day-to-day traffic of around 37. 500 vehicles.


The overall undertaking consisted of five parts. contracted individually to speed up the overall agenda.

  • Package I: Construction of a overpass over Love Grove junction in Worli.
  • Package II: Construction of a cloverleaf interchange at the intersection of the Western Express Highway and S. V. Road in Bandra.
  • Package III: Construction of solid attack route from the interchange to the Toll Plaza on the Bandra side along with a public promenade.
  • Package IV: Construction of the cardinal cable-stayed spans with northern and southern viaducts from Worli to the Toll Plaza at the Bandra terminal.
  • Package V: Improvements to Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan Road Package IV was the chief stage. with the other bundles supplying back uping substructure.

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