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My Long-Term Goal

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    My name is Katherine Davis. This letter is to introduce and let you get to know me better as a student. I have an older sister who used to go to Athens but now is a senior at NC State College of education. I also have an older brother who is a sophomore at Athens. The main things I like to do outside of school are to hang out with friends and to make music. I play guitar mainly but also can play the piano somewhat.

    I don’t think I am that good of a student, but I am trying to be better. I never really did my homework until this year, and I never get straight A’s. English is not my best nor is it my favorite subject. The main reason I don’t like English is that I have always had trouble comprehending the texts or passages given to me. My favorite subject though is math, I have always like the problem-solving aspect of math. That is one reason I want to be an engineer.

    In this class, I honestly don’t expect it to be much different from the ELA classes I have had before. I do expect for there to be more writing assignments because in my past classes we have had to write one maybe two assignments. One thing that I hope not to happen, but still probably will happen in this class is popcorn reading. Some people like it, but I would rather read independently. Something I think we should do in this class is creative writing just because it is fun.

    I joined the STEM academy because I have known since pre-school that I wanted to be an engineer. The idea of building different things to solve a given problem has been really fun. I like the challenge of trying to find the solution. STEM will probably help me get into the college for engineering I want to go to. My hope for STEM is to learn about the different fields more and to be able to use them in my future career.

    In high school, I plan to hopefully get A’s and B’s all four years. In my junior or senior year, I plan to have a job or try to get an internship somewhere that would help with the field I want to go into. I don’t think I will do any sports just because I am not that interested in playing any sports here. I think I will stick to music. By the end of high school, I want to have at least attempted to master or get as good as I can at guitar. I also want to get better at the piano.

    My one main long-term goal for after high school is to travel to at least 8 different countries. It is extremely ambitious but also very important to me. I have always liked traveling and going different and new places. Last year was when I really started thinking about all the places I wanted to travel to like Iceland, New Zealand, Italy, Egypt and many more different places around the world. I think it is so important to me because I haven’t really traveled that much outside the country and I just want to see what is around the world. I want to see how different other places are from here.

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