Scholarship Essay

My name is David Bestick and I will be attending Temple College where I will obtain an associates degree in business management and go on to obtain my bachelors in business management. I have chosen this academic degree to achieve my goal of furthering my career with Wal-Mart. I believe the knowledge I have gained while employed at Wal-Mart combined with the education I seek will allow me to pursue a permanent career with Wal-Mart. I started my career with Wal-Mart after serving 4 years enlisted with the U.

S. Navy. While in the Navy I learned the skills it takes to be a leader and make a ship carrying 350 people run smoothly, error free and be a team player. I’ve used those tactics in my work at Wal-Mart and excel in my job everyday I go in and have obtained a license to operate every piece of equipment in the warehouse. I try to use the skills I’ve learned in my life and teach others the same life skills.

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I volunteer and mentor mentally handicap young men who lack a father figure in their lives. I have 3 children whom inspire me to succeed in everything I do. I know if I am given the chance to go to school I will complete it and go on to the next level in not only my career but also my life. My essay is simple but honest. I hope that after reading this you have an idea of who I am. Thank you for your time and your consideration.

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