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Growing up as a young boy, I always dreamed about joining the military and flying fighter jets - Scholarship Essay introduction. It was a long childhood dream of mine that even continued up until about a year ago. I came to CSULB to get an education to better my chances of becoming an officer in the Air Force, and have matured and changed dramatically. I have gained knowledge of the business world, which fascinates me, and gained valuable leadership skills from my extra-curricular activities that has transformed me into the individual who I am today.

Since then, my goals and focus have changed from that of the military, to pursuing a fulfilling career in logistics within the business world, and becoming a well-known real estate entrepreneur among Southern California. Now that I have successfully secured a job within The Boeing Company’s rotational training program, I have my sights set on becoming an executive within the Operations and Logistics Department. I will directly use my education that I have received in the CBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management, as that has proven my personal niche and fascination in business.

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Also, on the side of my full time job with Boeing, I will begin my real estate empire by investing on income producing properties within the Long Beach area. I wish to invest in the Long Beach community, especially near CSULB campus, because there is a huge demand to rent. I will start by gaining and retaining more investors, as I have been working on for some time now, to fund my initial projects which will mostly be commercial apartment buildings ranging from 5-12 units. I will have a company managing my properties and will continue to invest in larger properties as I gain more knowledge and experience.

I have also received various honors and distinctions while attending CSULB. I have been on the President’s List for many semesters and also received the ASI scholarship of $1,000 in 2012. In terms of extra-curricular awards, I received “President of the Year” among all 14 fraternities during the Greek Awards of 2011 for my successful term as president of Theta Chi Fraternity in 2010-2011. During the same awards ceremony for my term as president, my fraternity was also received “Overall Chapter Management, Community Relations, Best New Member Education Program, and Campus Involvement” awards.

My executive involvement within the Greek System here at Cal State Long Beach has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling. I personally believe that I deserve this award because of my continual actions to improve the student life on campus as well as excel academically in the classroom. I have helped get other students jobs around Long Beach (Parkers’ Lighthouse and Boeing), led by example in all positions I have held within my organizations, and continue to model the behavior of a true CSULB student and soon to be alumni.

I strive to leave a legacy behind in all areas of my life, and am truly satisfied with my contributions and impact that I will be leaving behind for current and future students to benefit from. I have grown and matured in countless ways while here in Long Beach and will continue to give back for years to come, as this campus has become my second home. “Some of us have great runways already built for us. If you have one, take off! But if you don’t have one, realize it is your responsibility to grab a shovel and build one for yourself and for those who will follow after you. ” – Amelia Earhart

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