My Long Term Professional Goal

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This is my third year attending Lamar University, but I remember praying for an acceptance letter, like it was just yesterday. Becoming a Lamar Cardinal is definitely my greatest academic achievement. My journey here at LU, has helped me understand who I really am, what my passions are, and what I hope for in my future. I aspire to graduate with a major in Civil Engineering and a minor in Math.

Throughout high school, I received awards for advanced classes such as Calculus, Spanish, Physics, and History. In more recent years, I have added Engineering awards to my collection. I received a Certificate of Recognition for a design project I completed in Dr. Brake’s class. I am honored to be acknowledged by an engineer whom I, like many, admire.

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My long term professional goal is to never stop learning. I am the first generation of my family to attend a university. Therefore, this never-before achievement comes with uncharted territory. Although step-by-step manuals do not exist, in my humble opinion, most students have had an advantage over me.

Unfortunately, I have been at a disadvantage since the first day of my existence. I was born in a Central American country called Honduras. When my mother realized we could have no future there, she quickly relocated us to the United States. My status as an illegal immigrant has always been a hindrance. I was not fortunate enough to speak English, an obstacle I had to overcome during elementary. My parents education was limited to only middle school, so graduating as Salutatorian of my Dayton High School class was an unforgettable moment. My family’s most significant drawback is highlighted in the topic of wealth. Nevertheless, all these disadvantages have helped me develop characteristics such as an ambitious personality and a positive outlook on life.

I decided to major in Civil Engineering because I support the theory that purpose exists within everything. In this field of study, a building is designed with a specific height to reduce excessive shaking. Similarly, curved roads are given fixed radii, allowing passengers to safely pass at the legal speed limit. If buildings and roads have a purpose, then I also have a purpose. I might not know what that is yet, but I will remain patient until I do so.

This Fall of 2018, has brought me many blessings. I can proudly state that my tuition cost is slowly decreasing. I no longer pray for dreams I want. Instead, I ask God to guide me in my realities; my current life. I am thankful for Lamar and its benefactors as they are the reason why I am able to continue my journey as a future Civil Engineer.

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