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Descriptions of the Community I Live In

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  • Pages 2
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    The community in which I live is culturally diverse. There is a large Muslim community and Mosques which serve the community. Also there are Baptist and United Reform churches. There are a number of parks which are filled with young families during warm summer days in particular. There is also a local youth football team which has been supported by the local community when its pitch was at risk from developers wanting to build a large supermarket on the site. You can find a number of restaurants and takeaways, from family pubs with children’s play area’s to, Chinese, chip shops, pizza and halal restaurants and takeaways. Every Christmas Santa’s sleigh visits courtesy of the local charity groups the scouts and guides.

    A number of grandparents can be seen caring for grandchildren indicating a large number of working parents in the area. This could also be an indication of people living in extended families. Though is no community centre as such, there are however a number of local centres offering coursing in improving English and maths, child care, martial arts. There further provide stay and play groups.

    Explain how the variations in question 2 contribute to the diversity of the community. A large working community means there is a varied skills based.

    It provides a variety shops and services, allowing access to hair care products and foods stuff from around the world. There is further the opportunity to learn about other cultures, their values and beliefs, which widen your knowledge of the world. It further highlights the differences within families of the same or similar cultural dispelling a number of stereotypes that you may have or be aware of through the media for example. Being able to access things that or specific to your own culture or religion within your community can make you feel more part of your community.

    It further lends to the opportunity to develop new skills which can further enhance you as an individual and also contribute to the further development of skills and opportunities within the community.

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