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The fast changes in the job market are common today. Before what took decades to transform, it can now become obsolete in a few months, and this holds true to all aspects of human life. To follow the pace, new positions appeared in the structure of companies, and old roles emerge with a new fresh approach. The new acronyms that make up the C- suite/high level positions are a clear example of this; CPO (Chief People Officer), CCSRO (Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer), CL (Chief Listeners), etc.

Positions in today’s world require greater flexibility and continuous participation of professionals by revolving them into multidisciplinary teams that change with the environment. The position can be analyzed in a global way where all activities are performed by a certain person and located in a strategic position in the organizational chart.

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This continuous adaptation is made by the enrichment of positions, which means the reorganization and expansion of the job to provide the Leader with the relevance to increase the satisfaction, through the increase of variety, autonomy, meaning of tasks, and identity of tasks. It aims to increase the responsibilities and challenges of the tasks of TMT to adjust them to the progressive characteristics of each level in the organization.

We live now in a high competitive job market, and the newer generations of professionals are coming to the workforce with new ideas, new requirements, and highly educated. This new approach to an “old job title” makes people believe that there’s a differentiation between the “old and new”.

Companies are adapting the most playful names on their positions/titles to match with the creativity of its employees. That is because more companies are going to adopt names of positions that run away from traditional “executive directors” or “general managers”, in a strategy to differentiate in the market and also to deviate from the stigma of being archaic. We no longer need to follow patterns, so for example; if the job description of the professional is to ensure the happiness of the people within the company or to do anything necessary to have a good lesson, it makes sense the title translate exactly that.

The use of unconventional names is not restricted to higher positions in today’s company. To motivate its employees, the fast food chain Subway calls the attendants at the store level ‘sandwich artists’, because the company believes that these employees are not just waiters/servers, but true flavors consultants, who help in sale suggestive combinations for customers. Same occurs with Starbucks “coffee servers” , they are called “Baristas” and receive their training as such. There is something appealing about the empowerment of some of these new title and roles. It isn’t only because the new generation demands a new fresh look of their positions, but also makes part of the evolution of human resources and organizational strategic development.

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