Newton’s Dark Secrets

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Isaac Newton is known as a high priest to people today. The scientist has been reading through papers and documents that have been discovered by Isaac Newton. The scientists say that these were written and Newton decided to keep all of the information to himself. Newton also owned more than 30 bibles. As the scientist go through all the papers and documents that have been discovered. All the information found about Newton, the scientist are getting to know Newton himself not the way people know him as today. In the many documents and papers read by scientist, they discovered Newton had written down when the world should end. In 2060 the world should end during the battle of Armageddon.

Newton discovered the telescope, gravity, how the moon orbits the earth and how white light is more than color. With all the discoveries, Newton made he kept them to himself. He then became a professor of mathematics. He was known for his white hair and lectures. He had very little time for students and students had very little time to care. One of his students had caught him teaching what he has learned to the walls of the campus. He gave lectures about how his telescope had worked and what he could see with it. A colleague took and showed off Newton’s telescope to London and showed it off to King Charles the second. This had gotten Newton elected apart of the Royal Society.

How such a young man could come up with so many ideas and keep them to himself would be a hard task to do. Whether he wanted people to know or not there will always be people that have a special gift like Newton. Newton could solve and figure out what seemed to be a mystery in our eyes, but very simple math and chemistry in his. How can one man not want any social part of life with others about all his discoveries and interests? I think when someone has the ability to get how our world works and discover many resources that could be used to make more discoveries should be heard and taken seriously.

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