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The secret to raising smart kids

Do you think intelligence is a fixed trait? If you do, then you might be one of many people with a fixed mind-set. In Carol S. Dweck’s an essay, “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids”, she describes fixed and growth mind-sets. She describes how they affect school, and how they affect social relationships as well. …

The Secret Lives of Sgt John Wilson

He may work in his arenas’ business but his laziness burned it to the ground. In order to salvage what he lost, he scammed various people for their money, including his own family. John took money out of his own business to help but things continued to get worse. He started stealing money from his …

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The Secret Sharer: Awareness and Principles

In the unconscious mind of every mortal there are latent and endless capacities for failure and transgressions. Recognizing and understanding these capacities is our only likelihood for survival and success. “The Secret Sharer” is a story of awareness and principles, a symbolic discovery of inner self. It is a story of one man’s journey of …

The Secret reflection

7 Habits Reflection After learning the 7 habits of highly effective teen of the famous author, Sean Covey, from reading the book, doing presentation, and as well as watching its video that interpret directly by Sean covey, I have learned clearly about how to process my whole life to become success person that start to …

The Hundred Secret Senses

Sometimes in life, it is easy to judge a person and situation without first understanding all of the facts. In The Hundred Secret Senses, a romance and mystery novel, Amy Tan tells the story of Olivia and her half-sister Kwan – how they grow up together and help each other, while also depicting Kwan’s former …

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