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Nursing has existed throughout history and has changed drastically from where it has started. In current times nurses are one of the most respected and well-deserved careers to have. They play an important role in the medical field when taking care of patient’s. The first record of nursing was written around 300 AD. During that time the roman empire built hospitals in each town. The profession became more noticeable in Europe during the middle ages. In this time period, there were more advancements that happened which leads to modern nursing as we know it today.

The very first Spanish hospital was founded in Merida, Spain, in the late 500s to early 600s with the purpose of treating every sick person regardless of ethnic origin or religion. Throughout the coming centuries, many others were created but their care was ignored until Emperor Charlemagne started to restore them and improve medical supplies in the 800’s. The nursing profession grew in the 10th and 11th centuries, leading to changes in European laws. Hospitals started to be used as part of monasteries and other religious places and, as was required, the nurses offered a range of health facilities, outside of typical health care. This-encompassing model is attracting popularity and is responsible for the wide variety of the wide range of roles for which a nurse is now responsible.

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Florence Nightingale was a nurse who in the 1850s helped to treat soldiers in the Crimean War and played a large part in the 19th century changing the definition of the nursing profession. During this time, the position of nurses continued to grow due to the need for their service on the front lines of wars, where low standards of hygiene regularly led to fatal infections. The caring of strangers, either in hospitals or in their homes, was not seen as a suitable career for brought up ladies, who were expected to do so only for sick relatives and close friends if they desired to nurse. Nightingale campaigned in the hospital treating the wounded soldiers for improved hygiene standards which greatly reduced the number of infection deaths. Nightingale suggested that well-educated women can improve the care of sick people, using scientific concepts and educated knowledge about safe lifestyles. Even though Nightingale did not accept the idea of infection, she did not like overcrowding and unsafe conditions. She put her nurses to work in the sanitation and bathing and clothing of the patient’s. Nightingale approached the more basic issues of providing better water and food, heating the offices, and reducing corruption that destroyed medical supplies. In addition, she believed that nursing created an ideal independent call full of social and intellectual independence for women, who had few other career choices at the time.

In 1860, the nursing profession was moved forward with the founding of London’s very first nursing school. This was the beginning of many modern nursing schools and they got proper training and education before they started working in the field. However, with the world wars in the twentieth century, the need for nurses increased, and many nurses were told to start providing care without proper training. Nursing education establishments have continued to grow since this time. The field has also become involved in various specialties with more education in different fields of nursing.

Nurses start their training as general practitioners. For generalist practice, many countries need three to four years of university-level education although there are variations. In the United States, for example, nurses are eligible to enter generalist practice through a two-year program at a community college or a four-year program at a college or university. Preparing for nurse training or advanced nursing practice generally takes place at the level of the instructor. The path to most master’s programs requires a college or university degree in nursing. These programs emphasize risk identification and control, pharmacology, health education, and supervised practice in specialist areas such as pediatrics, mental health, and women’s health. Preparation for work in nursing also is done at the doctoral level. Training emphasizes knowledge about nursing, and methods of science and study. To finish the doctoral degree an original and detailed research thesis is required.

To become a nurse you first have to train and obtain a license. Typically you would start off in a year-long program for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in the field. All nurses must have college-level training. It all depends on what degree you have, an example would be Licensed practical nurses only need an associate’s degree while registered nurses require to have a two-year degree. The most common degree in nursing is a 4 bachelor’s degree, while nurse practitioners require to have a two-year master’s degree. Nurses should have clinical experience with doctors and other medical professionals in helping with the care of patient’s and performing diagnostic tests. Most of the experience will come from clinical work.

One of the most interesting things for me was that my mother’s side of the family was mostly nurses and growing and trying to figure out what I wanted to be. I asked them about being a nurse and they said it’s hard work but it’s all worth it in the end. After hearing what the nurses in my family said I was deciding that I wanted to become a nurse. Before I came to that conclusion to become a nurse I always said that I wanted to be a surgeon but after looking into it I feel that It was not for me.

Looking into nursing was interesting and seemed more fun to do. Thinking about my future career when I finish high school is quite stressful, but in the past years I’ve been in high school, I finally came up with an idea and I’ve thought I fully decided that I’d like to do nursing. As well as the many reasons that I want to become a nurse. The one difficult thing that may happen to me in becoming a nurse would be communicating. It is something that I struggle with. The thing is that I tend to talk a lot and ramble which may annoy people so I do not talk as much but this can help me with my future career. Getting better at communication takes small steps but as of now I feel like I improve and I can always do better. I could practice and utilize this to get over the difficulty of speaking. Putting myself in this position should help me get better when I get to the point in my career.

Talking to my aunt about nursing, it seems promising and exciting to do. As someone who is almost done with high school I figured that being a nurse can help me do what I love and at the same time focus and learn more about nursing. My aunt tells me what a person has to go through to get their degree. Going in the field with a little experience is better than nothing and going through more education can help me become my best self.

One reason that I want to go into nursing is the flexible work hours they have. When looking into a profession that I like, I found out that nursing you have the option of picking the type of schedule that fits your life, without affecting job security or pay. Nursing is a round-the-clock career, which means there are opportunities to work evening shifts if you are more of a night person. Nurses generally work four, eight, ten, and twelve hours in changing shifts, so you can work two days a month or seven days a week. Flexible hours is valuable because it allows nurses the opportunity to pursue additional education if they want to earn a degree or move to a specialized field that needs more certification. Unlike other traditional-hour professions, nurses can change their schedules to fit into their everyday life.

There are so many ways of expanding your nurse career and you don’t have to stop at just being a nurse in general. A lot of nurses go back to school and complete additional training to become nurse practitioners. They can see and care for patient’s like any other doctor would do. Or others become educators and teach future generations of nurses. There is always a spot for someone when it comes to nursing and each person has a place. All it takes is to look around a new place and maybe you will find a new area that you want to work in. Many nurses worked in different areas to see what specific kind specialty they like to treat best.

Nursing is a job without a dull moment at work. A person who works with others who have a variety of diseases and concerns will never be bored. New patient’s come every day, making new decisions, providing new problems to solve and keep everyone on their feet. Many of the nursing fields are just as varied. Job security is also helpful when being a nurse. Nursing ensures stability and job security, which are both highly attractive to nurses. The skills you learn as a nurse can be adapted into your personal life as well. Knowing how to handle your family if they get sick as well as knowing what to do if there’s an emergency. You also can understand how to be patient with people and how to stay calm under pressure, two skills that can be really beneficial in other areas of life in general.

One and most obvious is that I have a passion to take care of people. I want to do something interesting and important in the nursing career and something that makes a difference in the regular lives of people. It is something that I was always drawn to especially as my grandmother got older she needed help and I would do anything for her. During the summer I would go to her house to make sure she was all right. It came as second nature for me which gave the affirmation that I should become a nurse. Another reason is that I can learn more as I get older and get more experience. There is always something new to learn. I can advance my career and at the same time continue doing what I would love to do.

At that time taking care of my grandmother really woke me up and made me realize I was meant for this was when my grandmother fell off some steps when she was home. I helped her and called an ambulance. I was scared for my life but knowing what I had to do to help her get better was to keep her calm and reassure her that she would be helped. The three weeks at the hospital were difficult but when I saw the nurses caring for her I saw that this is something I want to do when I get older. They made sure she was comfortable and understood.

While it may be something that I can enjoy does not mean it comes with its challenges. There are many obstacles for anyone joining the nursing field, but those that are well prepared are not always well prepared for difficult challenges. These obstacles can be physical and mental. Intellectual pressure can come from long days of high stress, surroundings, balancing tasks at work, and constant study of staying current on all the best techniques. Typical nursing schedules can be quite busy with long hours, double shifts, and working holidays. Having these hours can cause fatigue and anxiety when trying to have a professional and personal life, this challenge can be difficult if one wants to live a somewhat normal life.

I got a lot of inspiration from my family and my own finding. The main point of becoming a nurse is to inspire and like to be challenged and have new goals to achieve, so nursing fits me since few other occupations give as many opportunities for change and learning. What helps a lot is clinical hours that I do which can give me a sort of glimpse of what is to come in the near future. I want to improve myself and my goals so maybe one day I can finally do what I believe is something great in the world. Gaining some experience and having the drive to do something every day for your life is satisfying for me.

To exactly give the reason as to why being a nurse is something wonderful I could not pin-point since there were so many reasons. I want to keep learning and improving in my career, which can give me opportunities to grow and learn, so I can keep improving myself while knowing my future patient’s get the best care.

Giving empowerment to future students is something that I hope to do someday as well. Nurses have the power to bring knowledge and peace in a time that may be confusing or challenging which is something that I would want to do. As well as meeting people who will help me figure out the path I should take to become the best I can be. The impact of learning and learning from other people can take future nurses a long way. Everybody has a reason as to why they want to become a nurse and my reason is one simple answer: care. I want to care for people as simple as it sounds. It means a lot more personally. I want to help people and I want to see them improve not only physically but mentally as well. Giving back and taking care of people is something that should be strived for. Putting all the hard work and effort getting to places where you thought were never possible.

Thinking about the future, one of my main goals is to provide high-quality, safe care for patient’s. There are many challenges that come with a career in nursing. Nursing is a job that really checks the character and qualities who choose to enter this career. Leadership in nursing is essential for creating a successful patient atmosphere. Nurses make a difference in the world for their patient’s every day. Nurses protect and promote the wellbeing of the patient’s. They are often the first line to meet patient’s and comfort them and families as well as educate patient’s about the next steps to improve health and recovery. They play a major role in public health and disease control, relieve suffering and pain, and advocate for individuals, families, communities, and populations.

Becoming a nurse to me is like saying thank you to all the nurses before me and those who helped me when I was little. When thinking about it I always thought it was the doctor that does most of the work while that is true I saw that nurses are the one who goes out of their way to make sure you’re alright and deliver the best patient care. If I did not have this kind of care I do not know what would happen to me. Becoming a nurse is like a thank you to me so one day I can help people who once helped me which makes me happy.

Talking about how great nurses are I feel I have the personality as well. That would be kindness, compassion, emotional stability, and empathy. Having these qualities make me a good contestant and it is something I strive to be and do better because there is always room to better myself. Being a part of a team can help nurses grow and that can certainly help me. When you have a team that has your back and takes the same dignity as you do there is nothing that can stop you. Having the help and assistance when needed is always nice to have around. It can benefit the patient’s safety and care. Patient and caregiver education is an important part of the work of a nurse. In hospitals, nurses play an important role in helping patient’s learn how to make healthy choices, understand their doctor’s diagnosis, and manage symptoms.

Being involved with patient’s and listening to them may seem little when it is actually something big and can help them feel better. Given the opportunity, there is always time to help patient’s that are scared and nervous to a happy patient who can feel understood and respected. Comforting patient’s is always the first thing when it comes to nursing. Making personal connections with people is something some people can take for granted. It may seem like nothing to some people but connections are the most important key to keeping patient’s happy and healthy.

Nursing has to be something you are going to be dedicated to in the years to come. Think of it as not only taking care of the patient’s but also taking care of the families of the patient’s too. Everybody and everybody is anxious and scared and wants to know what is going to happen. Sometimes doctors make things more confusing and that is where nurses are here to help. Explaining, reassuring, and comforting is something that the families will greatly appreciate. Patient care should be the first priority when it comes to making sure everything is alright. Nursing is quite an active job. That is why you have to be mentally engaged at all times, but you also have to be physically engaged.

Making a connection with patient’s is a very important tool because you have to be there when one of your patient’s is not feeling well mentally. Reassuring them and giving them the confidence that they need will surely help create a relationship that you can be proud of. Most of the time doctors go in and out and never get to create relationships with patient’s. Having that advantage is great because you can understand and relate to the patient without trying too hard to see where they come from. It is the small moments about being a nurse that are something I drive for in the future.

Overall, this is something I am up to challenge and do great with it. I love people and want to see them get better, do better and have a great sense of well being. Giving back to the people who helped is the least I can do. Challenges are a great way to see where a person is and that is something I want to do. Testing myself and improving it can help me be the best future nurse I can be. It will not be a waste of time because there are many options in this career alone that there are many new things to try and see. While it may sound easy the road to becoming a nurse is not always easy there might be days where everything is too much but with determination, I will be able to get through it. I want to make a positive difference when entering the field and hope I can inspire future nurses to do the same and treat every patient with the care and dignity that they deserve. When it comes to motivating I think about my family and people who are closest to me and with that, I can do great things.

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