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Nursing Diagnosis Assessment by Family Members Observation


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CHAPTER 2 CLIENT’S PRESENTATION This is a case of a nuclear family that has a matriarchal type of authority. Family R is currently residing at La Paz, Makati City. They are consisting of eight members namely: Mr. MR, 38 years old, works as one of the utility that helps clean the barangay hall. On the…

Assignment nursing


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This policy applies to all Irishman investments employees, contractors, vendors and agents with a Irishman investments-owned or personally-owned imputer or workstation used to connect to the Irishman investments network. This policy applies to remote access connections used to do work on behalf of Irishman investments, including reading or sending email and viewing intranet web resources….

Conceptual Nursing Essay


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Introduction When thinking about nursing there are many people who have had an influence in the field of nursing. Many frameworks for guiding practice as nurses are widely recognized and this paper will discuss King’s theory of goal attainment. King’s theory has three systems for interaction and those are personal, interpersonal, and social (Petiprin, 2016)….

Nursing Care for Patients with Acute Alcohol Withdrawal



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Nursing Care for Patients with Acute Alcohol Withdrawal Introduction             In order to provide proper and standard care to all patients having problems regarding with the abuse of alcohol substance, this article tends to explain such facts and important information about acute alcohol withdrawal. Included here is its definition as to how or when would…

nursing standards of practice


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Outline the process for developing nursing standards of practice and identity the different entities that might be involved in developing a standard of practice. Webster’s dictionary defines the word standard as “ criterion: something set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value or quality ”. Standards…

Vision of the Future of Nursing



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Vision of the Future of Nursing In order for us to see a vision of the future of nursing we must look at nursing’s past. By looking at one of nursing most notable for leaders, Florence Nightingale, we can see where the foundations of nursing research, theory, and roles have been birthed and expanded to…

Nursing care of patient with renal failure


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Chronic renal failure is an irreversible condition where nephron loss occurs gradually and usually secondary to another disease.(Cannon, 2004). The condition begins with slowing down of the Glomerular Filtration Rate and the final stages of the disease result in disruption of all body systems, a condition referred to as End Stage Renal Disease (Terrill, 2004)….

Professional Nurses Experience Violence in the Workplace





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Professional Nurses Experience Violence In The Workplace July 11, 2012 Ideally, the workplace should be free of violent threats or actions and staff should feel safe while at work. Workplace violence has been defined by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) as an act of aggression directed towards persons at work or…

Role of Nursing Intervention in Diminishing the Stigma of Mental Illness

Mental Illness


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Role of Nursing Intervention in Diminishing the Stigma of Mental Illness 1. Introduction             Among the many diseases today, mental disorders can be considered to be the disease most misunderstood by the general population. Such illiteracy and unawareness to the nature of mental illness have caused stigma, and discriminatory treatment and care to patients. Generally,…

Impact of Nursing Models in a Professional Environment



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Impact of Nursing Models in a Professional Environment Spiritual Caring for Adult Critical Care Studies revealed that the quality of life for cancer patients and their significant others can be enhanced by a variety of psychosocial interventions.  Nursing interventions focusing on meeting both physiological and psychological needs of the patient could greatly help the patient…

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