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Stress Theory: the Nature of Stress and the Body’s Response to Stress


Words: 1645 (7 pages)

The patient, a female aged 27, has normal vital signs and WNL lab values. However, the term “normal” is subjective and can have various interpretations among individuals. In the nursing field, normalcy is often defined in relation to homeostasis. Homeostasis, originally proposed by 20th century physiologist Claude Bernard, was further expanded upon by physician Walter…

Nursing: Not Just a Profession, but a Passion


Words: 1429 (6 pages)

There are a lot of professions in the world that an individual can choose from. However, finding the right fit for the right person is not always easy.  Choosing the right profession is a very important matter for me. I don’t consider it something to be thought of haphazardly or chosen randomly since it will…

Nursing and Pediatric Practice


Words: 3474 (14 pages)

The Primary Care Clinic located in Children’s Hospital is dedicated to the care of children. It is a place where children can be examined for routine physicals and sick visits. It is convenient because it is open until 9:00pm so children can be seen in the evening. This experience demonstrates that there are many differences…

Reflection on My Nursing Decision


Words: 256 (2 pages)

Pearson (2013) explains that clinical decision making is crucial in all aspects of patient care (p. 214). It involves the ability to gather information and make decisions that will be applied in a specific situation. Evidence-based decision making requires selecting from various possibilities and combining knowledge through research and scientific evaluation. The purpose of this…

Why I Believe in Nursing


Words: 414 (2 pages)

“Why I Believe in Nursing” I believe in nursing because of the care and compassion that is involved in being a nurse. Nursing is a profession that only certain people can be good at, it takes a large amount of care, compassion, and understanding to take care of patients with medical problems. When a person…

Does the Thought of Being a Registered Nurse Interest You?


Nursing Practice

Registered Nurse

Words: 387 (2 pages)

Does the thought of being a registered nurse interest you? Registered nurses keep track of symptoms patients may be having, patients’ medical history, perform diagnostic tests and analyze results, RN’s often help with rehabilitation, operate equipment, give prescriptions, and they provide emotional support and advice. Healthcare would be negatively affected without the help of registered…

Ethical Legal Dilemmas in Nursing


Words: 2077 (9 pages)

The interplay between the law and ethical code is a crucial aspect in advanced practice nursing. While ethical principles are integrated into the legal system, this article seeks to explore the differences between legal and ethical reasoning. To achieve this objective, case law and analysis will be employed to provide a comprehensive discourse on legal…

Clinical Question About Impaired Nurses


Words: 824 (4 pages)

Our clinical question was based on the topic of impaired nurses. Impaired nurses are the ones who provide patient care while they are impaired by the drugs or due to addiction. Most of the people believe that the nurses are immune from addiction since they are educated, and they are the ones who provide health…

Nursing Care Plan


Words: 321 (2 pages)

Asia Assam GU hubbub as eying laws”(She has many wounds and bruises on her body) as verbalized by the mother. ObJective:-Presence of lesions and abrasions on the patient’s body. -greenish violet discorporate patches-soaked dressiness’s Diagnosis:Risk for impaired skin integrity related to superficial factors. I At the end of 8 hours nursing interventions, the client will…

Time Management in Nursing


Time Management

Words: 542 (3 pages)

For ages, the survival of many citizens has relied on the care given by caregivers whether family members, spouse/ partner, medical personnel or professionals in the field of health. The Nursing profession is one of the oldest professions in the world that has dated back to ancient times when the use of herbs and natural…

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