Only Black is the New Black

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Black has an amazing capacity to deliver endless possibilities and has been popular in fashion for many years. The color black represents different opposing ideas, traditionalism, solidarity, professionalism, and sophistication. Wearing the color black has been one of the most fashionable colors throughout history. The article expresses that black clothing carries an undeniable power. In fashion, black is one of the most popular colors that retailer’s stock. Based on Edited’s data, it was found that black dresses sold out in larger numbers in the first few weeks during January 2018 than the year before (Bain, 2018). The reasoning behind its success is that it works for every body type, skin tone and is considered to be a safe choice. A consumer will never have to worry about a black wardrobe going out of style anytime soon.

Historically wearing the color black symbolized mourning. In Europe and America, individuals dyed their clothing black for funerals and to represent the death of a loved one. During the 16th century, wealthy Spanish men wore black to display nobility because black dye was considered expensive. During the 20th century, Chanel helped black to become noted as feminine and sophisticated with her famed little black dress. In the 1900’s upper class women who wanted to appear young and edgy wore little black dresses. Women wearing black was soon highlighted as smart, elegant, and attractive (Bain, 2018). The article also describes black as being a brilliant color to wear with multiple benefits. Wearing black has been known to make the body appear slimmer and neater. Men wearing black signified strength, dignity, and professionalism. Currently, black is still popular among different groups and types of people. Black is booming color and doesn’t show any signs of changing in the future.

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This article grasped my attention because I love to wear black clothes. Wearing black can give off so many impressions. If I want to look feminine, I can wear a little black dress. If I want to look professional, I can wear a black pants suit. There are many faces to the color black and I love the versatility. Wearing black has been around for centuries and many people wear this color for many reasons. This article relates to history in fashion because wearing black had a significant meaning even during the 14th century. Black will continue to be evolutionary in the fashion world. Designers will continue to develop designs in this brilliant color and I am truly happy about that.


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