Overcoming Obstacles in My Life

“The one thing in life you can control effort.” This is a really nice quote. This quote basically tells the reader that with hard work and effort, they can achieve anything they set their mind to. When I was younger I wanted to join my school Football team. When you join the team you had to start out as a goalkeeper and I did not like it at all because I wanted to be in the field like other players showing off my dribbling, passing and heading skills. Since I could not do anything about it, I had built up the effort to improve my skills so I could get a different position into the team. I changed from defender to midfielder, then to a winger and now the striker. These transitions made me one of the most versatile and best players in my school team.

Of course, training and honing my skills took a lot of amount of effort, but I had to give it my all in order to improve myself. I challenged myself and created a soccer club in my school, called futsal. Its purpose is to help high school students who are interested in soccer but have challenges like I had as a freshman, boost their confidence, develop their skills, teach them different tricks and how to keep fit by exercising and eating right and most of all have fun in the process. There is even an annual competition called WAISAL that different schools participate in to win the championship in the game of football( soccer). Being selected into the WAISAL team was proof that a player is a good player because only the best got picked to compete against the best from other schools.

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The selection process was full of hurdles and obstacles but I was not scared because I knew the worth of any achievement is in the fight to keep one’s head above the water. “Everyone has got the will to win; it’s only those with the will to prepare that do win.” When it comes to sports, preparation means everything. You have to know your plays and plans inside and out. In order to do this, you’ll need to practice them constantly. You also need to know the other players as you know yourself so you’ll have to train with each other a lot.

Without preparation, you are relying on luck and skill. If you’re not confident in doing things then it’s good to prepare. For example, if you are not good at shooting in basketball then you could practice by taking free throws. preparation is hard work and depending on what you are preparing for, takes a lot of time. In real life, preparation can mean the difference between getting the job or just a plain interview. While you’re preparing you can ask yourself questions that the interviewer may or may not ask in order to get the job. Preparation can even help when you’re doing tasks. For example, when you are constructing something it’s good to know that you have all the tools and parts that you need in order to complete the task.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,” This quote shows how much attitude determines success or failure. The type of attitude you have affects the people that you are around. Bad attitudes can infect the organization from the top-down and having a good attitude can have the opposite effect. A bad attitude can cause a decrease in performance, Unwillingness to work collaboratively, Unwillingness to try new things or hobbies, decreased energy levels, Depressive feelings, Reduced quality of work product, Difficulty overcoming obstacles. Negativity can create an environment where there is no incentive to try, colleagues don’t trust each other and people strive to get through the day rather than thrive, succeed and take initiative.

When people are having positive attitudes in a workplace, people feel as if they can accomplish anything. In a positive work environment, colleagues support each other and work in perfect sync. In a positive environment, people feel more welcomed and valued. Positive environments can breed many other outcomes such as Increased productivity, Greater probability of collaboration and teamwork, increased morale, overcoming of obstacles, Willingness to think creatively and try new things, Willingness to share information and ideas, and better and stronger relationships.

No matter what kind of environment you are in, I feel like there are always different ways to increase the positivity and decrease the negativity. To increase positivity people can try being respectful, and supportive, Do not allow gossip or cliques to thrive, Express appreciation for a job well done, Share credit, Celebrate successes. You can also hire people with positive outlooks in everyday life. Question future employees about how they handle disappointment and setbacks and whether they enjoy collaborative environments.

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