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Past Makes You Who You Are

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The main idea in this article is to not be ashamed of where you come from because your past makes you who o are and helps you grow as a person into the adult you become in life. The Genre in this article is nonfiction with narrative writing for example Jessica Humane states “its 5:00 a. M. My eyes are heavy with sleep and struggle to open. ” The author is telling a story about her childhood. The other Genre used in this article is Expository writing because she is informing the reader about the life of a “Farm Girl” which is the title of the article.

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Past Makes You Who You Are
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I feel that she did a great job with this article because it was very informative and detailed. The author’s audience is onus adults, but she is focusing on high school kids and also those kids that are ashamed of where they come from, the kids who aren’t comfortable in their skin. Feel like she is trying to let younger teenage children know that you should be proud of yourself.

The author also states the fact that being a farm girl has had an enormous impact on her life.

The message is for those kids who lack motivation for example “My boss continues to ask me where he can find some more hardworking people. I simply tell him, “Try hiring some farm girls. I hear they turn out pretty good. ” She states how working on her father’s farm has eloped her develop her work ethic. The author is aiming towards the people in the city due to the fact they are not as informed about the life of a “Farm Girl”. He different tones in this article were sarcasm, disappointment, happiness, and excitement. The sarcasm used when she was getting up at five o clock in the morning. The accomplishment I feel was used when she realized that the farm life made her who she was. The excitement when her father told her and her siblings that they weren’t going to be working anymore so they can focus on school. The disappointment is when she was not able to join any after school or fore school clubs or teams due to her schedule.

I feel the author did an excellent job on this article because I was not aware all the hard work that went into people who work in farms. I have also realized that I can’t judge people on who they are because I am not aware of what they have gone through in life in order to become who they are. The article is very informative and brings a different perspective in which any reader can grasp the image of her story.

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Past Makes You Who You Are. (2018, May 27). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/past-makes-you-who-you-are/

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