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Pencils and Erasers

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March 30, 1858 was the day when erasers where put on the top of pencils. Today they are still being used throughout the world! What would life be like without pencils? Now people do not have to worry about making mistakes on a paper because erasers have been invented. So many things have been invented with the help of pencils. Pencils help us learn, teach, and invent. The pencil with an eraser top was created by Hyman Lipman, but soon after he ‘invented’ the pencil people said he did not really invent that type of pencil.

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Pencils and Erasers
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Pencils and erasers have already been around a very l. ong time even though no one had thought about putting these two things together. Lipman had only put two things together. Lipman had created the eraser topped pencil in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At first pencils were filled with lead, but now pencils are filled with graphite. Lead is poisonous and can make a person sick. Also, the best wood to use for pencils is incense-cedar usually found in California.

That was discovered in the nineteen hundereds.

Rubber from the eraser on pencils is nonnatural because natural rubber rots, the same way as food rots! A man named Charles Goodyear created a rubber that makes it last. In manufacturing buildings that create erasers are called “plugs. ” Today the eraser is usually mixed with pumice and is synthetic rubber. The man who created erasers was Sir Joesph Priestly on a trade voyage from South America. Did you know that 75% of pencils are the common yellow color? Pencils were first created yellow because in China the color yellow is a sign of respect and royalty.

Also, China is known for their graphite worldwide. The word “pencils” come from the old English word thad had meant “brush. ” Many parts of the world pitched in to create the thing that is used all around the world today, the pencil. elp the new genera The pencil has been around for many generations. Pencils help the new generation to create and learn. Pencils are easily forgotten in todays society but are used daily pencils have made a big leap in our society. Where would our society be today without pencils?

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