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American History X

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American History X

American History X


Words: 447 (2 pages)

American History X is a very controversial movie. It is a movie about a Venice Beach skin head gang called the D.O.C. The gang is run by the master mind of Cameron Alexander who likes to poison children’s minds with racism and other negative things like stealing and vandalizing. The story is based around the…

Prejudice, comformity and stereotyping in American History X

American History X


Words: 2468 (10 pages)

Sometimes people are afraid of those who seem different from them and unfortunately, they express that tit name-calling and negative treatment. When people grow up with these ideas, sometimes it’s hard to get rid of them. Like in the movie American History X, a father is sitting at the family dinner table and states his…

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Is there a book of American History X?
American History X released in 1998 based on Frank Meeink's story, Autobiography of A Recovering Skinhead , presaged our current climate. Read More:
What did Danny write about in American History X?
Plot. High school student Danny Vinyard antagonizes his Jewish history teacher Murray by choosing to write a civil rights essay on Mein Kampf. Read More:
Why is American History X called that?
It's a tragic ending and meant to show the constant and never ending revolution of racial hatred in this country we call America, hence the title of the film, American History X. Everyone in prison knew Derek was a Nazi. As long as he was hanging out with the Nazi gang, he was safe from attack by black inmates.

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