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Physical Science Chapter 4 Homework

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Water beads up on wax paper because its cohesive forces are greater than the adhesive forces.
Water molecules move back and forth between the liquid and gaseous phases
At all times.
What is the temperature that is the same numerical value on both the Fahrenheit and Celsius scale?
Molecules are the smallest units of matter with the characteristic properties of a substance.
What is the average temperature of healthy humans on the Celsius scale?
The process by which gases form solids without first becoming a liquid is known as
The nutritionist’s Calorie is really a kilocalorie.
The sum of all the energy of the molecules of an object is called the temperature of that object.
Which thermodynamic law says that you cannot convert 100 percent of a heat source into mechanical energy?
second law of thermodynamics
Which of the following involves the greatest amount of heat when warming 100 grams of ice?
evaporating the water
Liquid water at 0ºC has to give up energy in order to become ice at 0ºC.

The amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of 1 gram of a substance 1 degree Celsius is known as
specific heat.
The water in a swimming pool is cooler than the surrounding sidewalk because it
has a higher specific heat.
A statement that the energy supplied to a system in the form of heat, minus the work done by the system, is equal to the change in internal energy represents the
first law of thermodynamics.
The attractive forces between unlike molecules is called
When water vapor condenses to a liquid
it transfers heat to the surroundings.
A passive solar home with direct solar gain requires
all of these. (storage mass without carpets or drapes, a large, open window space, and a calculated overhang.)
The transfer of heat that occurs when energy moves from molecules to molecule is called
Temperature is a measure of the amount of heat stored in a substance.
Adding heat to a substance
sometimes does not result in a temperature change.
Your body judges temperature
very poorly, sensing only heat flow.
Molecules in a solid
are held in nearly fixed positions by strong attractive forces.
The degrees on the Celsius scale are larger than degrees on the Fahrenheit scale.
The molecules of a gas are much farther apart than molecules in a solid or liquid.
Iron heats up more rapidly than does aluminum because it has a greater specific heat.
The heat needed to warm one gram of water one Celsius degree is called a
When the evaporation rate equals the condensation rate, the space above the liquid is
The heat death of the universe is a theoretical time in the future when the universe is supposed to
freeze at a uniform low temperature.
The process by which solids vaporize without first becoming a liquid is called
In the equation: q=mC(Delta)T, the C stands for the
specific heat.

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