Porter Research Paper I Organizational Pattern Essay

Porter Essay, Research Paper

I: Organizational Form: Rogerian

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Porter Research Paper I Organizational Pattern
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Christa Porter examines what a true friend is. She does this by set uping a presentation with a Rogerian form as it? s footing. This form is seen in several facets mentioned by Porter, the more obvious facet is when she invites the audience to give their sentiment of what a true friend is. Porter is fundamentally detecting what the hearer? s places are when inquiring what they think a true friend is. Porter besides reveals her pattern pick when she presents her ain thoughts, chiefly supported by relevant Bible Bibles.

Two: Elaborative Devicess: Q & A ; A, Rhetorical Questions, Religion, Definition ( operational ) , Discussion, Proverbs

Christa Porter developed her statement and presentation exhaustively by including a batch of amplification devices. Initially, Porter feels including a short treatment of what the hearers already know, what a friend is, would be really affectional. Rhetorical inquiries play a function in Porter? s development of her presentation, she asks the audience several of these inquiries associating to what they would make, believe and cognize. Definitions can be utile, particularly when you are seeking to ask for the hearers to unwrap what they think the significance of something is. Porter uses an operational definition to carry through the undertaking of specifying what a true friend is and does

Last, Porter takes full advantage of the effectivity of the use of Proverbs and faith by utilizing several poetries from Proverbs as support for her statement.

Three: Interactional Goal: To Joint a Position

One of the easier elements to indicate out is Porter? s interactive end, which happens to be jointing a position. To see this interactive end at work merely merely take a measure back and expression at how she develops her presentation. Porter portions information about what a true friend is and so presents her point of position about friendly relationship. She to boot encourages others to go involved in the presentation and treatment.

Four: Decision

Porter? s decision is short but slightly effectual. I recall when you mentioned in category that the decision should really be a spot longer than those mentioned in our text editions. Porter sets up her decision by supplying a state of affairs that shows the elements of a true friendly relationship. The decision is accomplished when she compares and contrasts the given state of affairs with a conjectural friendly relationship with


Volt: Commitment Statement:

This component is one of the easier pieces to disect from the presentation, chiefly

because of it? s construction. Porter takes what you called? the easy manner out? , by utilizing the

phrase, ? today we are traveling to speak about something? . Basically Porter? s

committedness statement is, she wants to speak about a familiar subject ( friendly relationship ) while having new thoughts from the hearers.

Sixs: Opening & A ; Shutting:

I saved this analysis for last, because I feel she spent the least sum of clip developing these elements within her presentation. First of all her gap consists of merely? Good Morning Y? all? , granted it is a Sunday School category, it still, I feel, requires a more elaborative manner. For illustration, she could hold said, ? Good Morning Everyone, God is good and worthy to be praised, etc. Something along those lines would hold been more appropriate.

Seven: Compare & A ; Contrast:

Porter made some wise picks every bit good as bad picks. Even though the scene and audience are comparatively impersonal, because they all know each other, I feel Porter? s gap would hold been more effectual if slang and voguish word picks had non been used.

Equally far as bad picks or elements, Porter did non include any such farther facets within her presentation. On the other manus, Porter? s wise picks were made when she used that little treatment at the beginning of the presentation. This treatment enticed the hearers to remember information about realistic relevant occurrences in their lives. This kind of provoking is what is necessary to the persuasive nature of

Sunday School.

Another wise pick is when Porter chose to include an account of what a true friend is and how that friend may move in a given state of affairs. This was effectual primarially because it allowed the hearers to set up a sense of nostalgia within past and present friendly relationships.

Eight: Last, Porter? s shutting is slightly embedded within her decision. She reference? s that the point of her presentation is swearing in God, but does non add any good-byes, thank yous or at least a shutting supplication. Porter? s shutting could hold been more effectual if she said something to the nature of? so we learned today that & # 8230 ; , so allow? s say a supplication for all of our friends and friends of our parents? , and so on. Overall, this presentation was short, but effectual, with the exclusion of a twosome defect.

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