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Positive and Negative Aspects of Organ Donation

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  • Pages 2
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    Organ donation is a serious social and moral problem. But not to lay the organ donation is a problem primarily because of the global conception; the self-preservation associated with the consciousness of death that carries within a human being in which give birth to excites the refusal to talk about death. To give yourself and what we have possesses for the good of others, for your own free will and without restrictions, is a Christian duty to donate an organ as an obvious example. No one is particularly interested in topics; therefore it is easier to refuse any discussion by declaring that the reasons for this refusal are, ethical, social, moral or even religious.

    Christians are motivated by compassion, mercy, to the extent of their knowledge and abilities to have the mission to heal. The Christian tradition affirms not only the value given by God, but also the principle of putting the needs of others before his own needs. Like the book mention In Europe, there is law that indicates people are all presumed organs and tissues, unless they refuse during lifetime.

    The patient would have a right to die when their existence became unworthy and unacceptable to carry on living and when it becomes an obstacle to others. However that was not the case of three patient mentioned in book in which Terri Schiavo, was in ‘vegetative state’. She was deprived of food and hydration so that she would stop living, because she had only ‘reflex reactions’. This is the case of Scott Routley, whose brain was badly damaged during of a road accident twelve years ago. Twelve years without any sign of consciousness or response to stimuli.

    Further, the new technique used by doctors. Naci and Owen has simplified things for the patient, allowing less effort and more efficiency: after verifying that the patient can hear, they invite patient to focus on a positive response or negative by paying attention or not to a series of sounds which is proposed to them. These results are obviously of great importance at a time when we tend to consider the lives of people in a state of minimal consciousness and even more in a vegetative coma as having a quality of life or insufficient to be Kept alive, as they experiencing the total absence of reactions or total lack of consciousness. Overall, this leads me to say the value to live in a person is very important in the use of machine or without it.

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