Scientific and Religious Views on Organ Donation for Transplants and Lifesaving Purposes

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Organ donation is a must. The ability to perform organ transplants from one individual to an- other, extending a person’s life, when otherwise hopeless, is found to be one of the most signifi- cant advances in modern medicine. The life-saving benefits of becoming an organ donor enrich the prospect of giving over 100,000 people a second chance at life. Statistics, unfortunately, show that there are many recipients on the organ waiting list, however as more people become educated on the importance of this endeavor, then registration for organ donors will increase.

Give life…support organ donation. By being an organ donor give the opportunity to save not just one life but eight lives. As a registered donor, eight organs are used, not including eyes or tissues. There are no age constraints on becoming an organ donor. Once a person passes away their organs are not needed by them anymore, therefore, putting their organs to good use as an organ donor, saving lives by offering each recipient the opportunity for a quality, healthy life.

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The scientific view on organ donation is the same, overwhelming; its inherent life-saving na- ture is the key to medical research. Theological thoughts on organ donation, for some, is against their religion, but for most major religions today, that is not the case. Organ donation is acceptable over ninety-five percent of the world. However, for organs to be considered viable, the donor has to die at a hospital, contributing to the organ shortage, though the primary cause of the deficiency lies primarily in the lack of potential donors not signing up at either the DMV or state’s registry to become an organ donor.

Many people worry that organ donation will interfere with an open casket funeral; however, that is a myth, the removal performed on each organ is with respect and dignity for the patient, and clothing discretely covers the incision made to the donor. Altruism has been the guide used for ethical organ donation used as a justification for allowing or rejecting donations. Catholicism view organs, eyes, and tissue donations as an act of charity and love. The Vatican morally and ethically accepts organ transplants (Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, no. 86). The same fol- lows for most religions; organ donations are considered a selfless act which recognizes the life- giving benefits for individuals who are in need of a transplant to survive.

The author will achieve her goal if she encourages her audience to sign-up and become or- gan donors. The author hopes her audience will have a new appreciation of organ donation and transplantation and see it as a selfless way to give life back to others. By helping to raise public awareness of organ donation, the author encourages the audience to save a life and register as a donor. The power of organ donation offers many people a second chance at life. A single or- gan donor has the potential to donate eight vital organs which can be transplanted to potentially eight awaiting recipients. However, because the number of recipients exceeds the number of available organs, individuals are placed on an organ transplant waiting list, setting the highest priority recipient at the top of the list. Such that, when an organ becomes available, the recipient has to be able to accept the organ within an hour of the offer. Despite all the scientific develop- ments in organ transplant, organ donations are still in high demand. Deceased organ donors have the highest potential to help change this growing organ shortage. The gift of organ dona- tion and transplant gives recipients the opportunity to live a full life.

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