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Conclusion pride and prejudice

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“Religion divides rather than unites, and destroys rather than save. ” How far do your agree with this statement? Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems and world views that relate humanity to the supernatural and spirituality. Every human in the world have their own religion. But some of them don’t have religion (atheist), atheist is Anti-religion or opposite of religion, this atheist is group of people that don’t have religion, don’t belief in any religion and hate religion.

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Conclusion pride and prejudice
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For example Anti-Christian Sentiment, Anti-legalism, Anti-Catholicism, this append because of lack of education or born with their parents died or they don’t believe in the idea of god because some of the scientists can create thing by their own, so they think belief on their own self and creativity rather than some kind of miracle that is absurd. There are many religions in the world with their own symbol and history just like Buddhism, Christian, Islamic, Hinduism and Confucianism.

All these religion intended to explain the meaning of life, origin of life and the universe. The religion derived morality, ethic and religious laws. The practice of religion included music, rituals, festivals, sacrifices and prayers. Religion can give purpose to people who have low moral character an excuse to exercise better moral character by doing charity, helping poor people or hunger people. Because every religion derive people to do good thing in life for going to a better place if we are passed away.

As in Christian, the bible wrote thesaurus promised to give us a place near him in heaven if we have the salvation in Christ and follow all the commandments. The bible wrote somebody don’t belief and have salvation in Christ, the son of the God that made heaven and earth will go to hell. That is the promise that God gave the human kind. The only to heaven is through His son, Jesus Christ, our savior. That is what bible wrote for Christian Religion can obstruct the progress of scientific discovery and experimentation.

Most of the religion taught us not to hurt or kill living thing. This will result that medicine will not be invented in the world. Because if the animal or plant are not being use to the experiment, they can’t make sure if the discovery is work on human as they can’t tested their invention to human kind before they made sure it is not harmful. As many medicine we consume today, had been tested on animal to prove that the medicine is worked for urine our body and don’t create any harm to human body.

If the scientist is fanatic in religion they would not sacrifice the animal, as they believe is a sin, because of that which result harm to human kind Religion cause people to have different in believe. It cause people divided into group of religion they belief. Because of this different, people is insulting other people that don’t have the same belief as them. For example in Christian, the bible wrote that they can’t worship for the idol. So, mostly Christian would say Buddhist worship for idol. But in fact they are not.

Therefore, religion cause people ho have different religion to insult other people which have different religion. This differences also caused people get kill, like a story in bible that wrote Phallus that kill every Christian because he didn’t believe Christ is a Messiah, so he eliminate every Christian that he saw. This cause many Christian died in that time. It is true religion divides rather than unites, and destroys rather than save, but there is still a chance for this to be change. By changing behavior and mindset of people for the view of a religion. If that is work, religion will unites and save people in the world.

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Conclusion pride and prejudice. (2018, Feb 03). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/prejudice-and-discrimination-between-religion-free-essay/

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