The Book of Proverbs

The book of Proverbs explains the wisdom of the Lord and the duties towards God and our parents. We should praise God for his wisdom because He created us and the world. God tells us that we need to be prepared when we serve Him because He will judge us when we die. We need to accept whatever falls upon us and make the best of it like God would want us to do.

The book of Proverbs tells us that we need to cling on to Him which to me that means we should follow His teachings and do whatever it takes to be with God so we can share in God’s life in heaven. When something bad happens to us and we don’t know how to handle it we can always pray to God for help, instead of doing what may seem right to us may be wrong to God, that is why we should pray to Him for help. If we trust in God then he will help us to make the best of the situation.

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As long as we believe in God then he will forgive us. I know that if we confess our sins often so that we don’t forget some of them later that he will forgive us as long as we are truly sorry for them, we do our penance and we ask him for forgiveness then he will forgive us. But if we don’t do those things he will judge us when we die and we will regret not doing them. In chapter three it talks about our duties toward our parents.

I agree with what it says because they bring us into the world and raise us. They also help us when we have problems in life by telling us why we can’t do something or why something is wrong. They also help us by encouraging us, like doing good in school, practice hard for a sport, and helping other people out when they too need help. I feel that if we didn’t have our parents to raise us and help us out when we need it that we would stray off of what God tells us to do because they give us the most support and guidance in our lives. That to me is one of the biggest In chapter four it talks about the poor.

I think that most of the poor did not choose the way they live but they do need our help most of all. We can help the poor by not turning away from them but by helping them with what they need, like giving them food or water, by giving them shelter and clothes, and by helping them turn to God for help too because that way they can try and live the way God wants them to live. There are also poor people who bring it onto themselves by maybe dropping out of school, quitting their jobs, running away from their homes, and by taking big risks. But they too need help and we can help them by doing all that we can for them.

Chapter four also talks about the rewards of wisdom. I know that if we help people who need help then God will in return will let us be with him in heaven. But if we don’t then we will eventually regret the things that we could of done in our lives on earth when we are judged. We also need to ignore the evils so that we don’t fall into sin. God tells us not to show favoritism because it is to our own discredit. I think when we do show favoritism that is when people will use us and that is when it is to our discredit. He also tells us that we should not refrain from speaking at the proper time and not hide our wisdom.

God wants us to use our wisdom and our talents that is why he gave them to In chapter six it talks about true friends. It tells us how we should test them before we trust them. I think that we should test the people who we want to be friends with before we trust them because some people will just take advantage of you and then leave you when there is nothing else that they want.

I feel that there is allot of people out in the world today that like to take advantage of people whether it is for their money or something that they have that is why I think that people should test others before they that they are friends. When we do have that trust between each other that is when you know you can go to that person for help and if you are really good friends than they will help you when you need it without turning their backs on you.

In return we should do the same for our friends when they need help. God also talks to us about being disciplined and how we will learn more if we are. I agree with this too because if no one was disciplined than there would be a greater disaster in our world. I also think that it helps us make better decisions than what they would be if we were not disciplined. We also grow up as a stronger person too because we will be more grown up than what we would be if we were not disciplined.

In chapter seven it talks about conducts in public life and the duties of family life, religion and charity. Conduct in public life tells us how we should follow the laws in our country. I think that some laws we have are wrong though, like abortion. But we should still follow the moral laws that we have otherwise people would be doing whatever they wanted to do, like killing people and other seriously wrong doings.

Chapter seven also talks about the duties of family life, religion, and charity. It tells us not to be a friend for money or to not have a sensible wife but a gracious because it is more precious or to not mistreat a servant or laborer because they devote themselves to there tasks. It also says that we should honor God and to respect the priests and to help the poor man by being generous in charity also visit the sick and whatever we do remember our lasts days and we will never sin.

I think that we need to have a good family life which means being there for our parents, brothers and sisters in time of hard times and not being nice to our family for the money but to love them because they are our family. And we need to have respect for priests because they are the ones that teach us our faith without them there would not be anyone who would really know the teachings of God. We also need to respect them because through God they forgive our sins when we go to confession.

Priests also help the poor and the sick which most people do not do. We also need to do charity because that is what God would want us to do, like helping the poor and visiting the sick which some people who are sick don’t have Chapter eight talks about prudence in dealing with other men. I think what it says about this is true, we are all guilty. We should not make fun of people who are old or anyone else because we are too going to grow old in time. It also says we shouldn’t reject the traditions of old men because we will obtain the knowledge how to answer in time of need. I think that as long as we watch what we do more closely then we will prevent from sinning allot but if we don’t then we will lead a life of sin and ruin our chance to be closer with God in heaven.

Chapter nine gives advice concerning women. It says not to be jealous of another wife or to give a woman power over you to trample upon your dignity or to be intimate with a strange woman. And also not to gaze at another’s wife or lust for it burns like fire. I think that no one should be jealous of something someone has and you don’t because everyone is made to be different. I also think that some women get you to give them power over yourself and then they make you do things that you normally don’t then it is like being discredited.

Also I think that when people lust that is one of the worst sins because it makes you treat them with less manners and it is also one of the most deadly sins. We should choose our friends wisely. Which means we should not forget an old friend for a new friend because the new friend cannot equal him. We also should not want to be friends with someone because of their popularity or money because later on it will catch up with you.

I think that those people who have friends that hurt people or maybe kill them can’t say that they couldn’t leave them because it tells us that we should choose our friends wisely which means stay away from those who can kill but don’t offend them unless they take away your life. In chapter ten it talks about the sin of pride. I think that every catholic should have pride in what they believe because we believe in one God that created us and also his son died for our sins. If that isn’t enough for those who don’t have pride in God then they I think will have there own problems to worry about when they die. In chapter fifthteenth it tells us man’s free will. It says that we do things on our own because of free will.

I think that this chapter is good and that people should read it. I think that we shouldn’t blame things on other people or even God because we all have free will which means we don’t have to do what our friends want us to do or what other people want us to do. We bring it upon ourselves when we do wrong things and we all should take the blame for what we do. Chapter sixteen tells us what God’s punishment of sinners are.

I know that if we disobey God and not lead a life that he wants us to that we will end up in purgatory or maybe hell. We can be with God if we confess our sins and try to lead a good life. In chapter twenty-one it tells us that sin must be avoided. Everyone sins everyday but to try and avoid it you must not sin allot otherwise you will get in a bad habit and sin even more. But when we do sin we need to pray to God so that he can forgive us and to also go to confession so our soul isn’t crowed with sin and also so that we can The book of Proverbs tells us allot about how God wants us to act and what we should believe in so that when we are judged we can be none.

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