How are Tyrants Today Different From Those in Ancient Greece?

Updated: January 09, 2023
Tyrants today are different from those in ancient Greece because they have more power and control. They are also more ruthless and cruel.
Detailed answer:

In ancient Greece, tyrants were often hereditary rulers. They inherited their power from their fathers and they passed it down to their sons. This made them very difficult to remove from power.

The difference between modern tyrants and those in ancient Greece is that the former are not hereditary rulers. They do not have divine sanction, they do not command a personal guard and they do not have the power to issue decrees or declare war.

Ancient Greek tyrants often claimed to be gods. They said that they had been chosen by the gods or that they were descended from the gods themselves. This gave them a lot of authority and influence over people in their society because many people believed that it was wrong to oppose someone who was favored by the gods. Modern dictators do not claim such divine authority for themselves, at least not publicly, so it is easier for people who oppose them to stand up against them if they are challenged by another group or if they want to remove their leader from office through legal means rather than through violence or assassination attempts.

In addition, modern tyrants do not have divine sanction; although some may claim to be acting on behalf of God or Allah, this is rarely taken seriously by anyone else. Modern tyrants tend to rely on propaganda rather than religion for their legitimacy.

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