How Did Frida Kahlo Die?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Some historians believe that Frida Kahlo died of a broken heart after her husband, Diego Rivera, had an affair with her sister. However, it is more likely that she died of complications from a surgery she had earlier in the year to treat her chronic pain.
Detailed answer:

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who gained international fame during her lifetime. She was born on July 6, 1907, and died on July 13, 1954 at the age of 47.

The cause of death was officially listed as a pulmonary embolism but some believe that she actually died by suicide. Kahlo had a history of mental health issues and attempted suicide multiple times. She was also reportedly suffering from severe pain at the time of her death due to her many health problems.

Kahlo’s condition deteriorated over time due to complications from polio, lupus, and other autoimmune disorders. In the last months of her life, she was bedridden with pain from multiple injuries including broken ribs and dislocated hips from automobile accidents as well as chronic back pain from scoliosis which caused her spine to curve at an angle of approximately 45 degrees.

Her body was cremated and her ashes were scattered at the base of a tree in her native Mexico. A memorial service was held for Kahlo at the Blue House, her home in Mexico City. Her death was mourned by many, including her husband Diego Rivera. A film about Kahlo’s life—Frida—was released two years after her death. Her legacy continues to live on through her art which is celebrated around the world.

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