How Did Romeo and Juliet Die?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Romeo and Juliet die because they both committed suicide.
Detailed answer:

Romeo and Juliet die because of the feud between their families, who are at war with each other over a petty dispute. The couple are forced to marry each other by their parents, who don’t want to lose face in front of their friends and family by not following through on the marriage they promised each other. Romeo and Juliet are not allowed to see each other anymore so that they can be kept apart from each other until their deaths at the end of the play—a death that takes place after a prolonged period of separation. Romeo and Juliet’s deaths end the feud between their families because they both die as a result of it, leaving no one behind to continue fighting over it or remember what started it all in the first place (even though much is made out of whether or not they would have been able to stop fighting if they had lived). Youth’s deaths make their families realize how stupid it was for them to ever get into this conflict in the first place, since now everyone has lost everything (including themselves) due to it! So maybe next time we’ll think twice.

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