How Does Myrtle Behave As The Party Progresses In Chapter 2?

Updated: October 07, 2022
Myrtle is excited and talks to everyone at the party. She is the life of the party and has a great time.
Detailed answer:

Myrtle is initially excited about the party and her chance to mingle with the upper class. She is thrilled to be introduced to the other guests, and she seems genuinely interested in them. She even offers to help them find their seats when they arrive late.

However, she quickly becomes bored and frustrated with the other guests, who she feels are snobbish and shallow. She does not like that they interact only superficially and do not seem interested in getting to know each other as people. Instead of staying at the party and making polite conversation, she decides to go home early because she finds it too dull.

She gets drunk and starts to make a scene, dancing on the table and yelling at the other guests. Myrtle becomes increasingly drunk as time goes on—the alcohol makes her feel more confident and daring than usual—and eventually starts acting out in an attempt to entertain herself at the party. Her antics become more outrageous as she tries harder to get attention from everyone else there. In her drunken stupor, Myrtle has no idea how obnoxious she is being until her husband comes over and tells her so after he picks her up.

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