How is Macbeth a Tragic Hero?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Macbeth is a tragic hero because he is a good person who is led astray by his ambition. He makes a series of bad choices that lead to his downfall, and in the end he loses everything he loves.
Detailed answer:

Macbeth is ambitious and determined. He wants to be king so badly that he will do anything to achieve his goal.

Macbeth’s fall from grace begins when he kills Duncan. This sets him on a path that leads to his downfall and the ruin of everything he loves. He is unable to stop himself from committing more murders, until he reaches the point where he has alienated everyone around him.

After killing Duncan, Macbeth must deal with Banquo’s ghost, who predicts that he will be overthrown by his own son. This only serves to further unnerve Macbeth and drive him deeper into madness. By this point, it seems like there is no way out for him other than death or exile; either option would be better than continuing down this path of murder and bloodshed.

Macbeth does not learn from his mistakes. When Banquo’s ghost tells him that Fleance will grow up to take revenge on him, Macbeth tries to kill Fleance again but fails when Lady Macbeth stops him at the last minute. This shows that Macbeth will continue making bad choices until they become too much for him to handle and cause him great pain.

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