Who is The Tragic Hero In Romeo and Juliet?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The tragic hero in Romeo and Juliet is Romeo. He is a tragic hero because he is responsible for the death of his own wife, Juliet.
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Because Shakespeare’s play is so well known, many people assume that they know the story of Romeo and Juliet. However, if you read the play carefully, you’ll notice that there are many details that are not mentioned in the movie versions of this famous tale. In particular, there are many differences between the tragic hero of Romeo and Juliet and the tragic hero of Hamlet. The Tragic Hero is the protagonist of the story. This means that he or she is the main character who drives the action forward. In Romeo and Juliet, this role is played by Romeo Montague. He is a young man who falls in love with another young woman named Juliet Capulet at a party hosted by her parents. The two plan to marry but their families hate each other so their relationship must remain secret for now. Romeo’s tragic flaw is his impulsiveness — he rushes into things without thinking about them first. This leads him to make some rash decisions later on in the play which have disastrous consequences for everyone involved. For example, when he learns that Juliet has taken a sleeping potion so she can be married off to Paris (a man chosen for her by her parents).

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