How To Help Climate Change?

Updated: November 28, 2022
There are many ways to help climate change. Some things individuals can do are: drive less, waste less food, compost, recycle, and use less water.
Detailed answer:

The climate crisis is real, and it’s getting worse. We need to do more than just talk about it—we need to take action.

The good news is that there are lots of things we can do to help fight climate change, and they don’t have to be complicated! Here are three things you can do right now:

Advocate for change – use your voice to call for greater action on climate change both locally and globally. Write to your representatives, sign petitions, and participate in protests and other forms of activism to make your views known.

Educate yourself and others – learn about the science of climate change and share what you’ve learned with family, friends, and your community. The more people who understand the issue, the more likely we are to see meaningful action taken.

Reduce your carbon footprint – make an effort to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases you’re responsible for emitting. This can be done by making simple changes in your daily life such as recycling, using public transportation, conserving energy at home and reducing food waste by purchasing less packaged goods or produce that is out-of-season where you live (i.e., buying strawberries in December means they were transported from Florida or California). If possible move closer to work or school if it will help reduce your carbon footprint (i.e., fewer miles driven per day reduces CO2 emissions from cars).

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