What are Interpersonal Communication Skills?

Updated: January 07, 2023
Interpersonal communication skills are the skills we use to communicate with others. They include both verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as listening skills.
Detailed answer:

Interpersonal communication skills are not just about speaking and listening but also about understanding, appreciating, respecting, and responding to other people.

Thus, interpersonal communication skills are important in all aspects of life. They can help you build relationships and make friends, as well as help you find a job or succeed at work.

Interpersonal communication skills can be divided into two categories: verbal and nonverbal. Verbal communication includes speaking, writing, reading, and listening while nonverbal communication includes facial expressions, gestures, body language, and eye contact.

The most important thing to remember when communicating with someone is that it’s not just about you – it’s about them too! When we communicate with other people, we need to ask ourselves if what we have to say is actually important for them or whether it affects them in any way at all. If you want someone to listen and pay attention to what you’re saying, then make sure that your words actually mean something! The best way to do this is by using active listening techniques such as paraphrasing (repeating) what they’ve said back at them so that they know that you’ve understood what they were saying. This will help them feel listened to.

In the workplace, interpersonal skills can help you get along with your colleagues or clients more easily. You may need to be able to communicate effectively with people who speak a different language than you do or who have different cultural backgrounds than yours.

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