What Did Alexander the Great Do?

Updated: January 11, 2023
Alexander the Great was an ancient Macedonian ruler and one of history’s most renowned commanders. He conquered most of the world known to the ancient Greeks and created an empire that stretched from Greece to India.
Detailed answer:

Alexander was one of the greatest military commanders in history. His empire stretched from Greece to India, and he created one of the first global empires.

He is considered one of the greatest military geniuses of all time, and his tactical skills were second to none. Alexander had a keen interest in philosophy, science, literature and art. His leadership skills were so great that even his enemies often admired him. Alexander’s Successors continued his conquests after his death and expanded them even further.

Alexander was born in 356 BCE in Pella, Macedonia (now part of Greece). His father was Philip II, king of Macedonia; his mother was Olympias, queen consort of Macedon.

Alexander spent most of his childhood at court in Pella where he received an education befitting a prince: history, languages (Greek), religion (Greek), music and dance as well as horseback riding.

In 334 BC, Alexander led a campaign against Persia (modern-day Iran), defeating Darius III at Gaugamela and conquering much of the region.

In 336 BC when Philip II was murdered by Pausanias, Alexander became king at age 20. He quickly began making changes in order to make himself more popular with the people including allowing freedom for all cities within Macedonia’s borders, abolishing work-houses for criminals and debtors and introducing a new coinage system which reduced inflation rates significantly.

Alexander continued conquering until his untimely death at age 32 from fever after leading an expedition into central Asia.

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