What Did King Arthur Look Like?

Updated: January 18, 2023
King Arthur was a tall, muscular man with long, flowing hair. He was said to be very handsome, with a kind face and a strong jaw.
Detailed answer:

King Arthur was a real person, and he lived in Britain during the Dark Ages. He was a warrior king who defended his country against invading Saxons and other foreign armies. His name is mentioned in many historical writings, including the Historia Brittonum (The History of the Britons), which dates back to 829 AD, and Geoffrey of Monmouth’s 12th century work, The History of the Kings of Britain.

Arthur was a tall, handsome man. His skin was fair like most Celts in those days. He had a strong jawline and blue eyes.

Arthur’s body was muscular and strong, but he never showed off his strength by boasting or bragging about what he could do with it. Instead, he used it only when necessary — to defend himself against attack or injustice; to rescue those who were being hurt; or to punish criminals who were trying to escape punishment by hiding out in remote places where nobody would ever find them again.

King Arthur wore his hair long because it was fashionable at that time for men to wear their hair long or tied back with a ribbon like a Roman coin shows. It also kept his enemies from grabbing him by the hair during battle!

Arthur always wore shining armor made from silver or gold plate over chain mail armor when he went into battle so that he looked like an angel when he rode into battle on horseback with his sword raised high above his head!

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